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  1. Do you want the short version or long one? Short version: It works Long(er) version as I don't have all night to write, but I sure could. I'll just say that I have been working on rust, battery stains and other niche cleaning processes for a very long time (about 12 years now for rust alone). I have literally reformulated the F9 BARC product about 1000 times to get it (in my mind), perfect. What I mean by "perfect" is, it cleans fast, works in low and high temps (up to ambient 120F), removes more staining than any other product on the market, is safe (was recently approved for use on the EPA Building and their sidewalks), goes a long way and is safe for virtually every substrate. We have the best marketing program on the net and are looking to do over 1 MILLION in FREE LEADS this year through our website... directly into the hands of the F9 TEAM Authorized Applicators. There are many, many other reasons but this is a good start.
  2. There are several things to watch out for here if you decide to do this one at all via chemical restoration. For sure, it is a VERY tricky job because of that copper roof. It won't take much Efflo to shine that thing up like a new penny, which really isn't a look many homeowners will go for. Other things to take into account: 1. The rust coming from the stone looks like pyrite chips, unless they drilled and hung something from that stone (highly unlikely). These chips will keep leaching rust until the aggregates are totally dissolved. Since the pyrite aggregate is in the stone itself the rust will be more difficult to remove and require a higher concentration of F9 BARC. This wouldn't bother me and you can get great results on the stone but again, the copper roof is right there. F9 BARC can have the same cleaning effect on copper as F9 Efflo, but it just takes longer to get there. By having to use multiple applications on the rust you increase the risk of runoff unintentionally cleaning other substrates. 2. The Efflo you see if probably either calcite (hard to remove) or lime run (easy to remove). You'll have to do a test to see how difficult it's going to be and if the color in the stone will be affected. The typical process for removing calcium stains like that is to apply the Efflo at proper dilution (your tests will determine this), immediately scrub with stiff deck brush, use an alkaline product to neutralize (sodium hydroxide, sodium metasilicate etc NOT BLEACH), and then pressure wash. Sometimes you need to repeat several times or even more. So, ultimately and personally this is something I would pass on unless you warn the customer of all dangers and possibilities. They need to know and sign off on what can happen. Like Chris said, maybe they want the whole roof cleaned... who knows! There is another method to removing rust and calcium for scenerios like you have above that could work better than a chemical restoration. It's a wet mineral blasting process using maxxstrip's Kieserite. Take a look here: http://www.universalminerals.com/
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, Craig Harrison here from Front 9 Restoration, Inc. I have been a pressure washing contractor for 23 years and involved in concrete, brick, paver and many other types of restorations for the last 15 years. I am the inventor of some great products like the World's Best Rust Remover, F9 BARC and the World's Best Calcium Remover, F9 EFFLO. We also will have more products available soon, giving companies the ability to do some things that have never been seen before. Over the last 3 years we have developed a Nation-Wide Team of Restoration Contractors, called the F9 TEAM. We have a lead generation system through our website at www.front9restoration.com that generated over $250,000 in leads last year (2013) and this year (2014) we are on track to do about $1 MILLION. These are leads generated from targeted keywords that get passed on directly to our F9 TEAM Authorized Applicators. Most of the leads are for rust removal and battery acid stain remediation... but we are beginning to get calls for calcium deposit removal and American Disability Act Cleaning as well. If you are interested in learning more, go to www.front9restoration.com and click on the link under F9 University called "How to become authorized." When you become a member of the F9 TEAM, you are more than just a power washer or soft washing company... You are a HEALTH AND SAFETY Company! Text me anytime with questions... 760-774-5306
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