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  1. Looks Great in my opinion! I have found a company that makes 100% polyester shirts called sporttek. I wear long sleeve all summer to keep sun exposure down. these shirts have taken roof mix all last year, no bleaching!!!
  2. I'm still confused here. You say 3rd month 9th day. What is the 6?
  3. Shooting from the ladder would def help..... Only thing is, even with use my fat boy setup, I can be so precise with how much mix I put down if I walk the roof. I hardly have anything make it into the gutters that way. Seems like when I shoot from ladder I use waaaaaay more mix and fill the gutters with mix from putting on to much.... Maybe I need to practice more from ladder.
  4. Hey all, im still dabbling in the roof cleaning here and there and need a little advice. I know it seems everyone is a fan of the cougar paws for on the roof spraying. I haven't bought any yet but plan to. I've just been using a light hiking/trail shoe made by merrell that has a goretex lining hoping that light over spray would be kept from soaking through to my feet..... Not working, and honestly it burns the shit out of my feet towards the end of the day. Anyone else had this issue and have any suggestions? Thanks guys!!
  5. you have some of the best advisors with Ted (American pro tech) and Gary in this thread. Both know there stuff!!! I appreciate all the help those two gave me over the past few years!! As far as the enclosed trailer that was for sale in this thread that was mine. I definitely had things I liked and disliked about the enclosed. I will give you a few pros and cons of the enclosed. When you needed to work on something in the trailer it was tight. that sucked and i often thought an open would be nice in some situations because you were working in confined area in the enclosed. another con was that if you had to drive into a driveway lined with trees (I live in the country so lots of places like this here) you had to really watch to not scratch the hell out of it. the obvious was backing the enclosed. Its not rocket science to know its easier to back an open than enclosed. I have enclosed trailers for my lawn care business but honestly that is because the law dogs are cracking down so much in my area about strapping down every last piece of equipment on a landscape trailer and I was getting stopped and bugged so I went to enclosed and haven't had to deal with that since I went that route. I miss the opens to be honest. Pros are obvious as you stated. sticky fingers, keeping stuff out of the elements and rolling billboard. Its all about what fits your needs. I just decided the enclosed wasn't for me. Check back in next year and ill prolly be trying to buy my enclose back because I think the flatbed route sucks to!! LOL Good luck with whatever you do!!
  6. Sold! Thanks Ted!! Your buddy got a nice rig...... He has a ton of visible work in his area!!
  7. Doug LOL your location is just a wee bit out of my delivery range!! LOL Chris, thanks man, yeah im not taking any less than that. I know how easy a person can pay for that trailer in this business.
  8. Here are some pic of the work that we did out of the hot and mighty set up. We also did some odd things with the hot water system such as bubble gum removal from a shopping center, graffiti removal, and although it sounds crazy, I was getting quite a few farmers wanting me to clean there greasy dirty tractors which we used the "steam" option on and it worked AMAZING. I have a specific wand and hose for the steam option which will be included in this setup.
  9. Hello all, posting my 14' + 1.5ft v nose Hot and mighty trailer up for sale. Wont find a slicker looking outfit anywhere. Just put new tires and aluminum wheels on the trailer this fall including a wrap that is the ultimate rolling billboard. I separated my business name and phone number from the actual wrap so that if I did decide to sell all you have to do is remove my personal info and replace with your info! the hot cold unit has less than 400 hours on the clock. Hot water/steam function works very well. unit has a Honda gx670 24hp engine, 6.5 gallon per minute pump. 275 gallon draw tank. The pictures inside the rear of the trailer have changed a bit. There was a 55 gallon recovery system (wet dry vac) with hose for recovering water etc for if you did restaurant cleaning etc. I have taken that out and put a fat boy roof cleaning setup in its place and mounted a roof cleaning tank behind the large tank. unit has a electric generating system which has outlets for running 110. comes with several hoses, wands, along with the recovery system and tons of vacuum hose to go along with it. As far as things that are wrong with the unit, I forgot to strap one of my ladders onto my ladder rack on the truck after doing a roof job. Went to leave and the ladder slid back and hit the front of the v nose trailer. It didn't put a large hole in the trailer but put 5 tiny holes in a row from the spiked bottom of one of the ladder feet. Very un noticeable. Also, for some odd reason the trailer breaks squeak. Ive taken them apart and cleaned them and even was going to put new shoes on but measured the thickness of the shoes and they were almost like new. Not sure whats going on there but It can get a little annoying. Seems to do it when you first take off. Once get some heat in them they don't do it. Other than that breaks work great, all lights work, oh yes the safety pull pin that engages the brakes if the trailer comes off I have never tried so not sure if that works or not. Has battery there and all. I have included a picture of what the trailer looks like if you want to take the wrap completely off. The shine of the trailer is like brand new. Trailer has been winterized... I have never had any issues with the anything on this unit. It works excellent and has made my money back several times over since I bought it a few years ago. This unit WITHOUT ALL THE EXTRAS sells for right at $20,000. Just check them out on e-bay. If your interested in having a setup that is self contained, professional, and can do anything you put it up against give me a call at 937-618-1569...... Price 9,500........... I put nearly 3K in this trailer in wrap, wheels and tries just this past season. Trailer Is located just south east of Cincinnati in Sardinia Ohio. Thanks for reading, good day! Robin Wash
  10. Thanks guys. Yeah chris I do in fact offer free demonstrations. Honestly im pricing my roof cleanings cheap to get the work just to get some word going that Im out there. Ive done a radio commercial that sounded GREAT! I have my cards and tri-folds up at every grocery store. I have signs (towns keep taking them) In every small town around me. The truck and trailer which has been getting me CRAZY AMOUNTS of house washing and gutter work. I also give every customer that gets a house washing or roof cleaning a $25 finder fee if I get a job off there word. Honestly the truck and trailer has been the ticket. Even over word of mouth AND I FIGURE that is because I live in a rural area. Today I did 2 house washes. Both of these homes were back off the road with no neighbors. This is mostly farm land in my area with hardly any "neighborhoods"....... That is why I have a hard time doing a roof or house and getting a bunch of the neighbors. A lot of "neighbors" may be 1/4 - 1/2 mile down the road in some situations. Just have to get the word out there is all I feel. It may take a few more years but ppl eventually are going to know that I am the guy running around in that truck and trailer that washes houses and cleans roofs. I hate to do it but Ive been taking my truck and trailer everywhere even if im not working because ppl see me.................... that's how a lot of my work is coming in. Sucks getting 8-9 mpg hauling the trailer around but hey its getting me work so it is what it is!!!
  11. by the way! How do you like the Toyotas compared to the chevy trucks?? Im a chevy man but would like your input.
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