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  1. Agree with Kevin, hands down the best there is out there, and safest. You can actually stand on top of it, on the top rung, and its not going to collapse in.
  2. We batched for years and so could we could do the math....we use them, we have 2, because of the time it saves us, we estimate it saves us about 4000$ a year bare minimum since we longer have to batch mix, transfer and make new batches on jobs, carry around 5 gallon buckets or 1 jugs of soaps , plus no longer wasting from over or under mixing by a gallon or two each time a batch is mixed. We use dedicated pump's and we also use pressure washers for down streaming. Not sure what you mean by it not working for those guys.
  3. Here is a beautiful home that we cleaned the roof and house. This home is located in The Woodlands Texas area near Spring Texas. The Woodlands is beautiful area with lots of trees and Woods. We clean quite a few roofs in this area, because the black algae stains build up and and cause a roof to lose it's natural color under all the ugly black stains. Fortunately, for the homeowner's in The Woodlands, we never use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Pressure Washing a roof, even if it's using low pressure ratings, can and will damage the shingles. Call or Text us at 2818838470 for more information on our cleaning method that will return your roof back to it's natural color the sane day we clean it. No waiting for rain, no pressure washing your roof. It doesn't get any safer than that.
  4. In Kingwood Texas, living in the Livable Forest can be a luxury not many communities have. The beautiful tree's and surrounding forest's that were saved when developing the area, provide for much needed shade, as well helps to persevere the beauty of the area. This shade along with the humidity and rain fall we get make for a beautiful breeding ground for the algae stains that grow on roofs. Often referred to as ugly black stains, or streaks, they can take over a roof in matter of a short time. They not only cause the shingles to deteriorate faster than normal, the roof stains also will prevent the UV protection built in to the asphalt shingles from reflecting the sun back off the roof. These stains must be treated with a chemical application consisting of bleach, water, and a specially made soap. A pressure washer should never be used, even at low pressure, as pressure washing a roof will cause the granules to come loose. The only solution that will actually kill the algae is a bleached based solution. If this is to used then the algae returns in a relatively short period of time. Call or text Clean and Green Solutions at 2818838470 and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Our Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning service will return your roof back to it's natural color with our Soft Wash Low Pressure service.
  5. Clayton, Non Detergent can be found at any Napa, Auto Zone, even Walmart. You can get some when you are here next week if you want.
  6. Whoever buys that can easily have a sign guy put an overlay over you company name and phone # with their info. Leave the pic's as they are awesome and you got another rolling billboard.
  7. Wow that is nice and a great price too...I'd be all over it if I needed it. You should list it here too. http://cleaningequipmenttrader.com
  8. Hey Chris, just wanted to say thanks. Got a call from a Henderson Texas, customer to clean this Decra Stone Coated Tile Roof. He lives about 3 hours from our Houston Texas bas, and had a hard time finding someone that knew how to clean it. He called the Decra Manufacture and they referred him here to RCIA, and he found my listing. Nice thing about this roof was, it was not real dirty. The customer did the right thing by getting it cleaned early before it was totally over taken by the mold and mildew.
  9. They also have built in to the software, where you can send a follow up at whatever interval you want.
  10. No problems at all. Their customer service support is great. And customers like everything in detail. being able to attach before and after pics to proposals to give them an idea of the results they can expect helps close a lot of deals. Especially the big ones.
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