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  1. I have always been a trailer guy. Love the ease of access and very quick set up and roll out time. Just get enough trailer for the job and u wont have any issues.
  2. This is a Great customer of ours who lives in this beautiful gated community in Odessa FL. We have been cleaning for him and his neighbors for the last 10 yrs. This home is a 10,000 sq ft home on 5 acres of property. All the homes in here have 5 acres or more land, so there is a big space to enjoy life, without being on top of each other. The homeowner called us out to Softwash his tile roof and huge patio. he is having a big party this weekend and wanted everything spruced up. With a home like this you can deffinitly entertain with no problem at all. Anyone in the Odessa FL area in need of roof cleaning please call us for a free estimate 727-919-1591
  3. Yes it is pronounced East Lake Woodlands. It is a huge community with all different type homes, from small villas to huge gated areas with mini Mansions. If U like to golf and like the Pinellas County area, this might be a perfect spot for a residence. We do the bulk of our roof washing in the Palm Harbor FL area although we do service other areas as well.
  4. This is a home in East Lake Woodlands Palm Harbor FL. We did a roof washing, house washing, and all concrete was cleaned as well. This is a huge community in the heart of Pinellas County FL. The entire community is surrounded by an Awesome golf course and beautiful landscaped grounds. Anyone in need of roof washing in the Palm Harbor area call for your free estimate 727-919-1591
  5. This was in the Landsbrook Subdivision. And yes it is always better to clean the entire home, giving it back the New Home Curb Appeal.
  6. This was a tile roof soft wash cleaning we did today in Palm Harbor FL. This customer was a referral from a neighbor we did a week ago. We also did a House Wash, Pool Deck & Cage & Driveway and walks.
  7. No they actually had a roofing company come in and repair a leak. So they replaced a bunch of tiles around the roof. They were hoping that the Soft roof wash would clean up good and match the new tile. As U can see the tile roof cleaned so good that U could not tell the New Tiles from the Old, needless to say they were thrilled. So to answer your question...No that was the Roofing companies sign.
  8. Out catching up to more roof cleaning today. We were in Fairway Springs in New Port Richey FL today doing a shingle roof cleaning. This was a repeat customer from this subdivision, we have done many roofs in here over the years. This neighborhood is located right off of SR54 and it is another nice Golf Course community, as many here in the Sunshine State. As you can see, we have removed all the harmful mold & mildew from the roof, which steals years off the life of your roof if not removed and cleaned properly. No Pressure is ever used on any of our roof cleanings, so you don't have to worry about damage to the surface. Anyone in the New Port Richey FL area in need of roof cleaning, call us for your free estimate 727-919-1591
  9. Washing roofs today in Palm Harbor FL. This was a 3500 sq ft barrel tile roof that needed cleaning in Ridgemoor Palm Harbor FL. Client called us out on a referral, always love when other people spread the good word for you. As U can see in the pictures, we brought out the original color of the tile with our soft wash service, no pressure roof cleaning. If anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area needs roof washing, please call 727-919-1591 for your free estimate.
  10. Out washing roofs today in Palm Harbor FL. This is a repeat customer we have been doing for years. This was a dirty 2500 sq ft Tile Roof that we cleaned for her today. This was in the Landsbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor FL, a real nice area with a real nice Golf Course. As U can see, we brought out the natural color of this roof by removing all the mold & mildew off the tile surface. This will give the home a great curb appeal and prevent premature roof replacement. A clean roof is a happy roof. Call us if you are in need of roof cleaning @‌ 727-919-1591
  11. Yes there are lot's of roofs that need cleaning. We are staying very busy in this Tarpon Springs area.
  12. We were back out today in Crescent Oaks again in Tarpon Springs,FL. We did a few roofs in here yesterday, and wound up getting a call from the neighbor across the street from the last job. Best part about roof washing is the difference is so dramatic that the job sells itself. This was a 3000 sq ft Flat Tile roof that was in need of cleaning. We also did there patio, housewash, and drive & walks. So as u can see in the picture, our service really made the house pop, and bring back the curb appeal. Anyone in the Tarpon Springs FL area need a roof cleaning, please call for your free estimate @‌ 727-919-1591
  13. Out washing roofs today in Tarpon Springs FL. We were in the gated community of Crescent Oaks, real nice subdivision with a real nice golf course. We do a lot of roof washing in this neighborhood, it is always maintained and the grounds are kept beautiful. This community is right on the border of Pinellas & Pasco County and is in a great location to get to anywhere fast. This roof cleaning was done for a repeat customer, she had just put the new tile roof on this home 5 yrs ago, but it was due for a cleaning.
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