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  1. So every one will know we have been communicating about shirts and other things. Yes not only do they look Awesome they hold up very well. I have used BCG brand for years from Academy. 100% polyester. Love them.
  2. I have a 275 tote in rear center of truck to run two 8gpm machines. I have a 125, 55 & 35 gallon tanks. I put needed solution for what ever tank I decide to carry that day. I also will fill at least two 15 gallon drums filled with straight SH. That usually gets me by. If Im cleaning builgings or concrete none of the three tanks I mentioned are on the truck. Not needed and in the way. You do not need them
  3. Woody are you planning on leaving 3 totes or are you hauling them? If you are using them you should reconsider, It will be a huge loss of space for needed items and they will not make you a dime extra. Probably cost you.
  4. You are on your way. Looks Good!
  5. Having a Like button on a Forum takes getting used to
  6. All you really need is something to pretreat,post treat or both. To kill growth and do a better job with the pressure washer. We just cleaned 70 buildings in a housing project with extremly nasty concrete. I tried to pretreat ahead of them but with over two miles of walks I gave up. Huge difference between when i did and when I did'nt. Cost of chemicals adds up also. Some say they can soft wash concrete. I say not Alabama concrete
  7. I hear people say they will only work off a trailer. I have really enjoyed the box truck. Every thing is inside, If it rains we can quit awhile and if we need to take a leak simply pull the door down a bit and strengthen the mix. It gets very hot with two machines running. Everything you touch is hot
  8. I had two FatBoy pumps. That being said I will just say my experience was not the same as those that praise them. I currently have two NSQ pumps among other type pumps
  9. Buy a good pump. Have a back up.
  10. It came from Sherwin Williams. I will find a can and get back. I think I remember reading it had been used on battleships. Supposed to be good and has been. All kinds of spills,overflows,leaks in box trucks.
  11. I have more bullets than I need becase I got scared and bought a bunch. 22 bullets are availabe in most places just more expensive
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