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  1. Just wanted to reach out to all of the fellow roof cleaners on here. My supplier has 7 of the 1/2" Yamada Kynar pumps that we always talk about on here. The same pump Chris, Kevin and I swear by (Even though Kevin has some monsters as of late) for the price of $350.00 each. If anyone is interested please email me Ryan@beaconroofcleaning.com
  2. We have this and the smaller compressors from HF and they work awesome! I had bad experiences in the past with HF but we in a bind about as year ago and bought the smaller one. Employees are hard on equipment and it has held up well. I bought this big one a few months back and it works great as well. I would recommend using heavier duty wire for the electric start but thats really my only issue. Hope this helps.
  3. Stay Clean, Im with ya, I am just north of you and I deal with the same BS all the time. Air Pump and #10 is what I send all 4 trucks out with, now, they have larger tips if need be but there is no need to run high GPM on tile roofs with now gutters.
  4. We have it delivered via tanker truck to our shop into 2000 gal tank. Having all 4 trucks wait in line at the pool supply takes to long.
  5. We have a 2000 gallon tank of SH and its gravity fed into the trucks via 2" hose.
  6. realdealzzz sells good pumps. I have bought 6 from him.
  7. "Softwash Pressure Cleaning" is an Oxymoron. Its either Softwashing (150 psi +/- or lower) or Pressure Cleaning
  8. "Softwash Pressure Cleaning" is an Oxymoron. Its either Softwashing (150 psi +/- or lower) or Pressure Cleaning.
  9. Jet Blue, I run my company from Melbourne Florida. We cover Brevard, Indian River and Martin counties residentially and the entire state commercially. There are a ton of roof cleaners all over the east coast which may make it tough to start up a new biz. If you need anything feel free to reach out. ryan@beaconroofcleaning.com
  10. Kevin, I have been all over the state working on commercial proposals, I will get with you this week. Email is best for me as I am rarely in the office. ryan@beaconroofcleaning.com
  11. We clean solar panels for FPL and NASA and the proper way to clean them is similar to window cleaning with a water fed poll, you must use RO and DI water so that there is ZERO chance for water stains. We have a a RHG Fill-n-Go station that makes 2 gallons per min of pure water, we scrub with a boars hair brush and soap and simply rinse with RO/DI water and walk away.
  12. Chris, This same issue happened to us a few years ago!! Made my a** pucker!!! Luckily the homeowner was understanding when I had the Florida Gerard Roof rep call him and explain that the roofs are chit!!! We always ask to see paperwork or talk to Gerard rep before touching a stone coated roof. Iv spoke about this on FB to a number of guys lately. FYI the Florida rep for Gerard ( who use to work for Dura Lock) is Derrick Chalk +1 (813) 417-5571
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