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  1. So I put on a 50/50 mix and it still required pretty good pressure to get that lichen to dislodge. I started with 300 psi and that didn't phase it. Worked my way up from there and ended up using a 40 degree nozzle 10 orifice so that put my psi around 1200. I took it slow and took up a tiny bit of old paint, but the membrane/fabric never tore, customer was happy.
  2. It is very different to any EPDM roof I've seen before. Its not a stretchy rubber, but looks more like a poured material or something that was liquid before application as there are no visible seams. Client called it fabric. It is very lumpy and textured. Regardless of the painting question...how much pressure can it withstand in rinsing?
  3. I am bidding a roof for a friend, to me it looks like a lumpy rubber membrane roof, white in color, covered in lichen, but he called it fabric. Anything I should be aware of when cleaning this? Its a paint prep job so I need to rinse to getting it ready (and probably with medium pressure).
  4. Posts some pictures. I think your math is wrong...the cost is 200% more not 40%
  5. Bruce, who is your agent...I might give them a call for a quote. I currently use Joseph Walters but I'm interested in shopping around.
  6. Thanks for the help on the phone Chris and taking initiative to solve this. Looks like problem was I paid directly through paypal instead of through this site for last years renewal. Anyway, I just paid through this site for this year, and it says pending manual approval. I'll call you Monday if you don't catch this over the weekend and unlike the signature and blogging option. Here's what I'll put in my signature in the meantime. John Burdine Jr Pressure Point Cleaners Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Ames 515-451-9311 Des Moines 515-650-9400 desmoines.pressurewashing.net
  7. I'm up for renewal and I'd love to pay my $129 to renew, but before I do I'd like to see my company listed on this forum under Iowa. I've been trying to get this done since March 18, 2013, but I'm still not listed there. I've been in touch with Chris T, Gary, and Ugly Shingles (on both forums and thru email). Doesn't seem right that I'd pay for a full year and not get listed, and then get an invoice asking to pay for renewal again.
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