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  1. I bid all my roofs in person. If a roof is bad enough, I use Hang Tight - or similar- If it's really bad, On an average roof, I use only Gain 44 ounces to 100 gal tank. WHY? Additives to increase dwell time etc, also increase plant "Cling" So, half my roofs are done with about a 45% - 50% mix. My local chlorine is only 10.5 %, so I end up with about a 4.5 to 5% mix and with a ground man watering, I haven't killed a plant in over 3 years now. :-)
  2. I accidentally let my website expire through GoDaddy. I had a girl build another one, but it doesn't seem as good as my old one. I had about 15 years on the old 1 and it ranked 1st page Google. Let me know what you think in posts here. Thanks!! This is the new site: https://bergmanpressurewashing.com/
  3. Would you please explain "venting the tanks below the trailers helps" Why would running an air vent below the trailer, be better than having the air vent up as high as possible, as I do? ( Because my aluminum enclosed trailer got wrecked, I'm temporarily using an open steel trailer, until I find just the right enclosed replacement )
  4. Not really. It had very little rust-especially for a 2003 trailer! The vehicle that smashed into it did quite a number on it though! The only serious rust, was on the very bottoms of the doors. Otherwise, it was all solid and I never let rust stay. I keep it wire brushed off on a weekly inspection basis and use rust converter, oil primer and oil paint, as rust appears. It is a constant fight of course, because as you said, just the SH fumes will start rust going, if it can reach bare metal!
  5. Never had a flatbed, but considered it. I like an aluminum enclosed trailer to protect all my equipment and tanks [ I carry 2 pressure washing machines too ] from weather and thieves! Had 2 pressure washers stolen from open steel trailers-2 years in a row, they took 1 a year about 3 weeks before Xmas. I guess I paid for their kids presents? I have had a nice trailer now for about 6 or 7 years. It is 6' 4" from floor to support rails on ceiling [ was taller before I built up the floor. ] In 2014 someone ran a red light and ruined my truck and damaged the trailer. The truck was destroyed, but the trailer I had fixed for $1300.00 Because of SH leaking in previous enclosed trailer [ and of course all open steel ones ] it always rusted out the under framework, springs etc. So, when I got this one I put in a double floor, with no nails! I coated the original floor with plastic roof cement and glued and screwed a 1X4 trim around the sides to hold it down-plus put pieces of plywood covering it, with a bunch of 5 gal buckets spread around to get it to glue down tight [ each 5 was full, so each weighed about 40 lbs each. I put a vinyl floor on top-also with plastic roof cement and did the same with the plywood pieces and buckets.Then I caulked it all in yearly with good silicone and never had a leak! When I had the wreck, I put in a 3rd 3/8" floor, in the same manner and new 1X4's all was great until about 10 days ago, when a woman made a U turn and really smashed it up. Now, I am working out of a backup steel trailer, until I can find another enclosed aluminum trailer. Then, I get to do all the work over again! These pictures don't begin to show the real damage-frame damage and interior wall damage and the wheel is bent. The 3rd pictures is the trailer with the truck that got totaled in 2014. Well, gotta go bid a couple of jobs. Catch ya later!
  6. I haven't checked my signature in a very long time. I just clicked on my website and it goes to another business. Must have been hacked?? I tried to fix it, but nothing changed. Can someone fix it for me? It should go to http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/ - Right now it goes to- "HOW MUCH DO ROOFERS IN COVENTRY COST"
  7. Hey Chris, I have a Wordpress site and everything is free. What did you spend the $50 on?
  8. My 2 cents: Leaks are obvious-fix them. Cycling is most likely gonna be, adjusting the accumulator- it's not that cut and dry, takes some testing. Then, you said "I even tried a small 2510 nozzle and it still cuts right on." it's exactly the opposite. If you use a 2540 or 50 that will most likely end the trouble. Some would say you shouldn't use 1/2" spray hose. I have used it for many, many years and have no problems. I do use a 1" suction hose though. I am 100% "not interested" in going to air pumps. I KNOW the function better for cleaning roofs, but I have watched my son, use his carefully and there is a lot of breakdowns [ gas engines etc ] and the normal pump problems don't just go away. I am a 12 volt pump guy and won't be changing before I croak - and that won't be long! { USE RESPIRATORS! } I can hardly breathe and never feel I have enough oxygen. I was stubborn and complained about the red burn around the mask seal, where SH accumulated. Skin cancer is better than lung cancer or any disabled breathing, which Chris and I both have after many years of spraying this stuff!
  9. I wanted to try a wetting agent [ keep my SH / Water wet longer ] without adding soaps etc. Just a pure wetting agent. Does one exist?
  10. NICE WORK CHRIS! I like that you have your nice looking truck, with your business name showing in your pictures! I often forget how important that is. After seeing your jobs here, I looked through my pictures and only 1 out of 5 show my business name! Gotta fix that! I get reminded when I see my pictures used online, with someone else saying they did the job. If your business name is in a photo, it can't very well be stolen! Good reminder for me!
  11. This post I am replying to, I made in 2013. It's 2017 and nothing has changed, except that with newer equipment, I now clean roofs without walking on them-or minimally-compared to a pressure washed roof, which has to be walked on, basically every square foot! Here's a couple videos of me cleaning roofs from a step ladder.
  12. I hope it works well for you Chris! Unfortunately I just did a job this month and the home had te same one attacked already, so I tried to use it. Even though it looked new, it leaked at the hose to male connector-not the O-ring. It didn't look like you could do a hose fitting on the material-but maybe? Hopefully, that was just a bad one. It looks like the same material as the "Expandable Hose on TV"
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