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  1. As for purchasing SH in bulk..have you looked in to pool stores in your area? Considering that having a pool is a seasonal thing in the north I suppose it would be costly however, you may talk with someone and possibly work out a deal. One other possiblity is a chemical supplier near you. Good luck Chris, and welcome to the non-pressure roof cleaning industry!
  2. Great suggestion, Chris! I will give that a try and see what happens. So far I haven't lost any plants...keeping my fingers crossed that I can avoid it in the future. Thanks.
  3. Have to agree with you on the "right way" to do it, Chris. I have tried the watering after and found myself running back to re-water after it just started to down pour worried about plants...LMAO
  4. Like your website; especially the Worry Free Maintenance Program. What a concept!
  5. That is what we have done in the past-Before/After pictures-it really does the trick! Guess videos would have the same effect-information in the hands of the home owner!
  6. I hope I am not over stepping my bounds here as I am new at RCIA and not yet certified however, I would like to offer you some words of wisdom that may put your mind at ease. Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning cannot be learned on a video-one must experience the process, find what works for them and use knowledge of other experienced/certified non-pressure roof cleaners. I have been in the roof cleaning business since the 80's and I can only wish that I had access to all the knowledge that is offered in this group of men here! This group of mentors, if you wish, will go out of their way to teach you the right way of non-pressure roof cleaning if you will get on here and start asking questions. Then, follow what they advise you to do. Learning by spraying water up on the roof will give you insight as to where your water is flowing without using the chemicals hence, you will learn about RUN-OFF-what comes off the roof, out of the gutters, and where it will go without any possible damage to plant life. You will also learn as to the obsorbtion rate of the roof itself-this is all called learning hands on. You can find a possible mentor in your area by going to the "find a certified roof cleaner" click on the map and look in Illinois email them and ask if he is willing to teach you.
  7. I had the signature problem when I first joined on at RCIA, and this is what direction was given to me by Chris of Apple Roof Cleaning: Go to your profile settings and you will find a signature link, and when you click on it-it will take you to the signature editor. Then, all you have to do is type out your signature. Hope that helps you as much as it helped me! Welcome aboard, Jeff.
  8. Luck will be flowing to all the RCIA members once we are certified as non-pressure roof cleaners, and present the information to them...they will be talking amongst themselves about RCIA all the way to Alaska!
  9. LMFAO...they are Certified Association Managers, and they actually have a membership, not unlike our own, with which to provide networking-if you can get in! We got in by the grace of God and hard work!!
  10. Some of the advertising we are doing (not inclusive to) is direct mailing to residents/businesses introducing our business and what we specialize in. It has proven to be cost efficient, and very receptive to invites in to gated communities-which pays off tremendously! We also have inside CAM's helping us, that have been in the area for more than 20yrs, and this has allowed us to network with a group of CAM's (luncheon once a month) that are eager for knowledge to pass on to their community's homeowners' (and board members) on the proper way to clean tile roofs (what is used, what not to use, etc); what to look for in a professional non-pressure company; what to ask for in the ways of ins/lic, and once they have the right answers; they can put to rest all doubts to the homeowner. Of course we always attend communty functions, and set up a business info stand. The list goes on....networking with CAM's has been our most powerful advertising!!
  11. Stepped out of my comfort zone when I was coaxed into beginning an advertising campaign (my father taught me word of mouth was all you needed, of course he started the company back in the early 70's) but it surely has paid off. Not just in a monetary way, but in networking, getting invited in to those closed board meetings, and improving my outlook on advertising. Next, that account I have passed for years....
  12. That's the nature of the non-pressure washing businesss. To have great days, that is!!
  13. Isn't life grand when you are a professional non-pressure roof cleaner?!! Wouldn't change it for a nine-to-five any day.
  14. Good job! Efficiently put together, if I do say so myself. We look at all of the different rigs and get so many ideas for our next step of growth. Thanks.
  15. Great topic!! Talk about going outside of our comfort zone...my partner, and future wife, lives in Chattanooga taking care of a disabled aunt. I happened to be up there to pick up my mom and two elderly aunts over in Murphy, NC., and stopped by to see her brother-her and I have been together commuting back -n-forth for the last three years. She happened to have a degree in Entrepreneurial Mgt., and I just happened to be taking over my fathers business after his death. We have stepped outside of our comfort zone in changing the name of the business; modifying our target markets; incorporating; setting up a website; networking; and just plain old hard work. I will say that sitting down and doing a long range business plan, even if it changes, has helped us to see where we want our business to be in five years, and has committed us to doing what it will take to get there-even if it is slower than our plan! More to come....
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