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  1. The link worked earlier for me. It timed out when I waited to long. Now It doesn't go directly to Slo Mo. When I do get it and add to cart then hit check out it says my cart is empty.
  2. Don't replace your roof "Clean It!" The black ugly roof stains is an algae. I have been cleaning homes in the Cary & Raleigh area with black ugly roofs. It is destroying your roof. Insurance companies are starting to deny coverage if your roof has this algae, lichen or moss on your roof. They are making home owners clean their roofs for for good reason NEVER allow someone to get on your roof and pressure wash the shingles. A low pressure chemical should be applied to kill the algae and clean the roof. If rinsing is desired a pressure similar to your garden hose pressure should only be used. Or mother nature is the best. We call this Soft Washing a roof. We can make your Asphalt shingles look new again. Can't do anything about the already missing granules but we can help prevent you from losing more. Contact Elephant Roof Cleaning @ 919-207-0666
  3. Thanks everyone. No just had to take a break from all the negativity and bickering.
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