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  1. Sodium hydroxide will strip it all off. It is what we use on metal dumpsters.... Not good on shingles, but great on metal....
  2. He is 6 hours away on a good day with no traffic..
  3. UPDATE,..(GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS?).. It has been a year later(since starting the thread) and with all the roofs that we have done I have come to the conclusion that it is a high risk/ low reward part of the business for us. Here is what I have found and tracked this last year........ Our number one request is for super steep pitched roofs that are un walkable and they need lifts ,extra gear etc.., and physical removal of the moss. And even if we charge $800-$1500 or more TO DO IT,(and we have) the effort, time, liability, and near accidents have basically made it a losing proposition overall... But that is not the worst part- The worst part is that our phone rings off the hook for doing these constantly and I am now turning away customers for the reasons above.( I always ask on the call if they are two story roofs, what pitch etc...)... It took a year to build a monster that is eating us alive. We are referring our customers away under the guise of being to busy (which I hate) when the truth is we want to discontinue what we started. We tracked over 40k worth in 4 months we let go. We even delisted it off of Angie's list completely for this specific service.... The easy one story normal pitched roofs- rarely get cleaned or want the service. WHY? Probably because they are easy and most home owners figure they will get to it on their own even if they never do.. I am still doing the easy ones when they come up, but it is probably one out 20 in my area... I would love to have options at this point.... Business is to new to sell off just a service, and we do other things so we wouldn't sell off anyway. If anyone would pay for my referrals locally, I would do it in a heart beat for those clients.
  4. The last couple jobs ended up being a no rinse with almost 50% mix. The pitch was super steep and it wouldn't rinse off with a soft wash set up. Short of dangling from a string on a bucket with a brush or a pressure washer to nudge it.... We rinsed some areas that wanted to move, and it set long enough. Checking back on the job as we always do with the customer.
  5. This post was the one I have been looking for....very informative and helpful being new to roofs. We pay close attention to details and you provided what I needed to at least get into more jobs. I would also like three of the official roof cleaning stickers... Where do I send the check?
  6. I am selling my customers a system where I come back in 30-60 days to inspect roof and touch up for those really difficult overgrown areas. It rains so much here that rinsing off ( on the over burdened roof) seems like a guarantee to spray again anyway to get down to the roots. I am sure I will rinse 75% of the time, as I don't want to leave a white salty roof behind. But on the thick stuff I have to I think. I am also charging a premium so coming back isn't a burden to the program and it gets me in front of the customer for our other services we do..
  7. I see a lot of threads regarding a lot of rinsing and then rinsing some more. With all the real thick moss how soon do you"have" to rinse? Can you leave it on there and come back in a day or two or even a week with no problems? I know there are more states than just Oregon and Washington that grow their grass on the roof... Will it damage gutters or even worse by leaving it to do the job? Can you ever get away with not rinsing at all? Specifically in then wet states NW? I am using a 30% mix starting out.
  8. We are in Salem and have a new Fat Boy Bandit system due us by the 24th from PT. Hopefully this enhance our productivity a bunch as we were basically doing something similar to x jet before which obviously required maintenance type work...but at least we weren't pressure washing roofs....:)
  9. I might have to get an additional agriculture license to spray the copper or zinc sulfate. I am not sure where to buy it either and if that is something I can run through my new Fat bandit set up.
  10. The roofs out here are like carpet in some places... I need a roof mower. Is that mix something I should leave on overnight and come back another day to rinse?
  11. Hello, After 20 years of executive management for two Industrial companies, we started our business officially in 2012. We are pretty new to cleaning roofs and just purchased a good soft wash system to do it more consistently.We are from Oregon so we have a lot of heavy moss and everything green out here as well. Our clients love us and our other services so this made sense. We are eager learning magnets so this forum has been great for us. Every job we do seems to be something different so our experience is vast. Looking to enhance what we do with all the tips and tricks from the masters of the trade. We only have about 10 years left and want to hand our kids some great business skills and clients down the road. So we gotta get cracking and up to speed!! Thanks Patrick & Anna
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