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  1. The SH has 2 components it breaks down into, depending on the PH. One is the Hyperchlorite ION, the other is Hyperchlorus Acid. It is the ACID that does the killing/disinfecting, and this forms best at lower PH levels. One reason we dump ACID into our swimming pools, to lower the PH, and increase the killing power. The cleaning part of SH is called the Hyperchlorite ION, it is most active above PH 10 - 12. It does the cleaning, and since it is an oxidizer, it increases penetration into the Moss. From just a KILLING Point Of View, diluted SH kills better then a 50/50 mixture, and acidified SH kills even better! Now, I know WTF I am doing, but I dont want you or anyone else to attempt to acidify the SH, OR YOU CAN DIE ! For now, drop to a 15 to 20% SH to water solution vs a 50/50 solution, and STF out of the Moss. I mean, really soak it good.
  2. A wet roof is not a problem UNLESS it is raining so hard that you can't keep the chemicals on the roof
  3. As long as your SH is fresh, and you have some Sun, you are good to go. Even if it is cloudy, it will just take longer
  4. Actually, BRONZE has equal or better SH resistance as stainless steel, and Hastelloy is the best metal.
  5. Money is money, and sometimes we have to make it in cold w`eather. We had to bid a big tile roof kind of low, and the day it was scheduled on, it was 45 degrees So, we told the customer we needed to reschedule for a warmer day. He was ok with it
  6. Actually, they are not Poly at all. The manual says the housing is made out of NYLON NYLON has a D Resistance to Sodium Hypochlorite according to the chemical compatibility database https://www.coleparmer.com/Chemical-Resistance Not sure how they can claim their pump is ok for caustics and corrosive alkaline chemicals ? The do list their NYLON as being a modified form, so perhaps they have figured out how to make the NYLON have better SH resistance ?
  7. These are fairly new, and the price sure is right! https://www.dultmeier.com/products/search/12010# They are Poly, and not Kynar, so they should be rinsed out, but who knows ? I have seen some Poly pumps last awhile, even w/o being rinsed, and if these last awhile, who cares ? At this price, simply toss it when it breaks
  8. there used to be a roof cleaner up here that had an aerodynamic enclosed trailer he pulled with a small chevvy 6 cyl truck. He carried 200 gallons of pure SH. He would mix on site in plastic drums he placed near the roof. He used an electric pump that ran on 117 volts, and he simply stuck his feed down in the drum, and got up and sprayed it out.
  9. Read, read, and then read some more. If you have any questions about cleaning roofs, post them on the forum, and we will answer.
  10. Wow Chuck, the SH really did a number on that enclosed trailer! LOL, our old Box Truck had SH fumes inside that were so bad, I finally just totally removed the rear door. Many people fail to understand that SH does not have to leak to do damage. The Fumes are also corrosive and dangerous to not only your health, but to your equipment as well.
  11. It is amazing how much the Sunlight effects the cleaning mix. On a cold day, you can really see this. The roof cleaning chemicals will always clean faster on a cold sunny day, vs a cold cloudy/overcast day.
  12. Awesome! The biggest mistake many make when it is cold outside, is not waiting long enough for the mix to clean. I discovered this 27 years ago, it was a 38 degree morning here in Tampa, and I had a large grey shingle roof that "refused" to clean. I ran myself out of chemical, drove to get more, and when I returned an hour and a half later, the roof was clean! LOL, I thought someone was playing a joke, and cleaned the roof for me, until I figured out what was going wrong. Back then, there was no roof cleaning forum, and no one to ask questions of. I had to figure out this stuff for myself.
  13. The roof cleaning chemicals will still clean in colder weather, just not as fast. The colder the temperature, the longer it will take for the roof to come clean. The Sun effects the cleaning solution too, so a sunny cold day, is better then a cold, cloudy day.
  14. Yes, a dual axle would have been nice, especially with all the weight we sometimes carry. It looks great !
  15. Soft tires have the best traction and ride, but they wear out quickly, and so do these Cougar Paws soles, so it is nice they are cheap to replace.
  16. Be very very careful with the existing tanks! All will be good for water, but not all will be good for SH I learned this the hard way, when the tank started coming apart. The Pro Portioner imho is a good investment. LOL, I have cleaned well over 25,000 roofs in nearly 30 years of doing this and NEVER used Gypsum or Lime. Water, and lots of it, applied to the plants as soon as the shit starts dripping on them is all you need. Always remember, dilution is the answer to pollution I can tell you why I don't like using Lime and Gypsum, but it is a technical explanation.
  17. Yes, it contains Percarbonate, great for wood. You can buy Percarbonate from many places and save money
  18. Yes, it contains Percarbonate, great for wood. You can buy Percarbonate from many places and save money
  19. Most exterior cleaners have a dedicated roof pump AND a pressure washer. Many want a high GPM pressure washer, but can't afford it, because the motor required to run an 8-12 gpm pressure wahser isn't cheap. Your PTO will run any pressure washing pump, but remember this, for any pressure washer much over 4-5 gpm, you will need a water tank. Trying to run a high GPM pressure washer on tap water isnt good, and often the pump will suck the hose dry
  20. Because the all flo will never rinse like a decent pressure washer, and besides, you really need a pressure washer in the exterior cleaning business Plus, you already HAVE the PTO, so you can run a badd ass pressure washing pump
  21. Yes, get a good air compressor, and you will have a reliable, long lasting system. That is the pump we use. A pressure washer can be run from a PTO, and Lori can set you up with one. That is what to use to rinse with, as well as house wash with by downstreaming, OR you can house wash with the all flow, then rinse with the pressure washer.
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