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  1. We are as busy as we dare be, but you are so right, the economy is on FIRE here in Tampa !
  2. To best use the SEO of this forum, it is best to Title the thread Pressure Washing School or Pressure Washing Training, so someone searching for that can find it. Make as many threads as you like, and then share the hell out of them on Facebook, Google + etc, etc, etc.
  3. I haven't been feeling well, and that's WHY I missed this thread ! Wow, Pressure Washing School!!!!!!!!!
  4. A lady who owned a Welcome Wagon franchise here in Tampa GAVE me free advertising. This was over 25 years ago. I got one job, in 3 months of advertising, but it was a Huge job. LOL, I guess you could say it paid for itself
  5. I agree with what Ted said, by the time you buy all the stuff and chemicals, you could probably find someone close to do it right for you
  6. You can simply use garden hose with a gun made out of plastic
  7. Pulling the weight we pull (2 - 300 gallon tanks) I have never got anywhere near 16 mpg, even with a diesel.
  8. WE used a Box Truck for years, it was a rolling billboard, averaged a few jobs a month from it! Safety is a problem with these in an accident, so be aware of that
  9. It is better with the 9 gpm, you really need the biggest HF air compressor to do the 17 gpm justice
  10. I have seen it, but we have always simply used what is called a Chicken Ladder, a ladder with hooks over it. The SH does mess with Aluminum, so we replace all our ladders every 2 years, no matter what, and only give our chicken ladders one year, before we get rid of them. Aluminum will let loose with no visible warning of weakness, when exposed to SH for awhile
  11. Jeremy, every time your post and I see Indiana, I get hungry for a pork tenderloin sandwich ! Plus, Skyline Chili !
  12. No, but with Premium Membership, you will have access to the hidden part of the forum, and personal telephone access to me. So, ask away, and we will do our best to answer any of your questions
  13. Hey Jim, just wanted to say I am rooting for the Minnesota Vikings in the Playoffs.
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