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  1. It is hard to believe that the Liquid Gain IS Ammonyx LO ! Actually, it is a blend of Ammonyx, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate, BOTH Chlorine Compatable Surfactants! Plus, it has a strong fragrance. We need more field testing of it, compared to other surfactants, but initial results have been real positive, so far. Remember, the thickness (viscosity) of Ammonyx is usually improved by mixing it with a second surfactant ? I have never compared pure ammonyx vs Gain, as far as thickness goes, but in theory, it should be as thick, or slightly thicker, since it is a blend. AS far as surfactant POWER goes, I would BET that the second surfactant in Gain is more powerful then Ammonyx alone! Proctor and Gamble, the creators of Gain, want to make the BEST dishsoap they can. After all, if it dont clean well for Mama, she will not buy it again ? They decided not to use pure Ammonyx in Gain, and went to a surfactant blend instead. Blends of surfactants are almost always superior in sheer cleaning power, to a non blend surfactant.
  2. AS we all learn how to use this marvelous software, it will get better. Hats off to Steve from Ugly Shingles for all he has done. We plan to get the Blogs and Gallery features working soon. I really like the Gallery feature, and envision a time when we will be able to link the gallery in our signatures, to take customers right to our work! Everyone here is literally in on the ground floor of the future number one roof cleaning forum in the world. Unlike the current RCIA Forum, this one is truly ours!
  3. It is a little different Mike. The software we are running is called Invision Power Board. No other industry Forum is using this state of the art software. Most are running V Bulletin software or Simple Machines, and it is good too. We haven't even scratched the surface of what this Forum is capable of yet. It is a learning process, for us all. LOL, I like the red line spell checker, since I can't spell for chit sometimes.
  4. Welcome Guys! We are still learning to use this marvelous Forum software, but please be patient, it will all be worth it. Once we figure it out, everyone will have there OWN Blog, and their OWN Gallery, with Facebook login. I was just checking out the pics in the gallery some have posted. WE want to have the forum set up so each member has their own gallery, and is able to place a direct link to it in their forum signatures! This way, potential customers who find us will be taken directly to pics of your roof cleaning work! This Forum is running what is called Invision Power Board Software. I did a lot of research before I paid for it, and it came out on top of all forum software in independent reviews. Most other industry forums run what is called V Bulletin, so we are different.
  5. Cool! We need to find out WHAT scent of the Gain is the best for hiding the roof cleaning chemicals smell. As you know, it don't matter much how it smells in the bottle. What matters is how it smells, once it is mixed with Chlorine. It is kind of hard to believe that you can simplly go into any grocery or Dollar store, and come out with a chlorine stable surfactant, ready to dump into our tanks.
  6. Hey guys, check out the many different scents of Gain! Gain is an awesome roof cleaning surfactant. It is cheap, easy to get anywhere, and chlorine stable. We must all play with it, to find the very best one, as far as the scent goes.
  7. Nice work, but where is Craley at in Pa ? I have never heard of it before, but it looks like there are some roofs needing cleaning up there!
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