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  1. If all my family and grandkids were not here in Tampa, I could easily live in Jacksonville. It is extremely crowded down here, and getting worse every year.  But Jacksonville must be growing, or getting ready to really grow. The NFL owners are  big money people, who seldom make a mistake, when it comes to money.  Some people were surprised when Jacksonville got an NFL Franchise.

    I don't know if you have had any members of the Jaguars ask you to clean their roofs yet, but we have cleaned the roofs for Tony Dungy, and recently did Jon Gruden! 

  2. Here is another Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning we completed last week. The last couple of years have been quite rainy here in the Tampa Florida area, and as a result, many tile roofs around here are very dirty.

    The increase in rainfall seems to feed the growth of the black stains we see on roofs. This customer received a clean your tile roof or else letter from his HOA.

    They were very happy with the cleaning, and said they had no idea their roof tiles could look so good.

    Here are the pictures WP_20130930_003 (1).jpgWP_20130930_007 (1).jpgWP_20130930_003.jpgWP_20130930_007.jpg

    This tile roof we cleaned was located in The Reserve At Tampa Palms

  3. This is something that I think that the company that I work for should get involved in. I work for a company called Under Pressure, and this could be a god staple between the larger commercial projects! 

    Mike, please do not drop links here, unless you are a Premium Member.


  4. This is a flat tile roof in South Tampa we did the other day. It was really really dirty, and the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures were dramatic.

    There was a huge thunderstorm that passed over South Tampa, a few hours after we got finished, so I imagine this flat tile roof looks even better, after all that rain.

    Our customers were tickled pink at the results, and left us a great review! 

    Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 021.jpg

    Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 022.jpg

    Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 024.jpg

    Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 026.jpg

  5. It is July 5th 2017, and the Tampa Florida area is still nearly 4 inches down from normal rainfall, despite the serious thunderstorms we had during the last few weeks of June.   Regardless, we still managed to get some tile roofs cleaned, working in between the afternoon thunderstorms. One of these homes had a Koi Fish Pond, so we had to work very carefully, to keep the fish healthy. These customers lived in North Tampa, and you can see they were ready for us to clean their tile roof, and had their silver car moved far enough away from the house so the tile roof cleaning chemical would not hit it.


    photo 2.JPG

    photo 3.JPG

    photo 4.JPG

  6. Good Blog for Oakland County Michigan Caleb ! Hazel Park is my old hometown, my Aunt lives up in Troy, and my Cousin Jimmy lives out in Novi Michigan. My Cousin Susie lives off of Woodward in Pleasant Ridge.  As far as reviews go, I take them with a grain of salt. I go by my Gut feeling about a company instead of most reviews. 

  7. Yes it is pronounced East Lake Woodlands. It is a huge community with all different type homes, from small villas to huge gated areas with mini Mansions. If U like to golf and like the Pinellas County area, this might be a perfect spot for a residence. We do the bulk of our roof washing in the Palm Harbor FL area although we do service other areas as well.

    I do like Pinellas County, especially way up near where you live. Unfortunately, our roof cleaning business is here, not up there.

    I do have a football buddy that lives up in East Lake Woodlands in Palm Harbor. We both picked Carolina to win the Super Bowl :( 

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