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  1. We get about one year out of our roof cleaning pumps, until it is time to replace the diaphragms
  2. Try adding some sodium hydroxide, maybe a few gallons to every 30 gallons of mix
  3. It is not right to use another companies pictures, w/o first asking permission.
  4. Sorry to hear this. It is a reminder to all roof cleaners to work safely! RIP Ted
  5. LOL, I dont know about Gutter Cleaning anywhere but here in the Tampa Area. The cost of the gutter cleaning will vary from one house to another. You have to keep these factors in mind while you seek help from the expert cleaners of gutters here in Tampa .
  6. We have never had much luck with 12 volt pumps, but we clean a LOT of roofs, often 3 or more in a day, and many are tile roofs. Air Compressor powered pumps are the only thing we have found to hold up. However, we have a larger air compressor of 18 cfm. Air pumps will work with less air, but they will not spray as well as they will with more air. This is just my personal experiences, because I know plenty of roof cleaning friends who use 12 volt pumps,. with much success. Bob from Pressure Tek stands behind all that he sells
  7. Here is our Google Local Listing https://g.page/appleroofcleaningtampa?gm
  8. So sorry, I have been in the hospital for quite awhile. Call me at 813 816 8856 Chris
  9. Your UDOR Pump is NOT "specially designed" for roof cleaning, I am sorry to say. I have one in my shed that quit on me, years ago. You are welcome to drive here to see it. The UDOR is a pump for pest control, tree and agricultural spraying, etc. The crooks at UDOR, who refused to honor my warranty on their UDOR Zeta Pump when it broke, got the bright idea to market the pump to our roof cleaning industry. All you have to do is look at what materials are used in it, to know there are much better materials to make a pump from. Nevertheless, it will last awhile, as long as you rinse it out RIGHT AWAY. The Diaphragms last awhile, Doubt you will need to worry about them. Glad you got new fittings made out of Polyproplyne ! Your old ones were NYLON, a big No NO for roof cleaning chemical use. Next, you either need a new tank, or move the bypass hose to the TOP of the tank. That Skid you bought looks like it was aimed at the Pest Control People. They seldom if ever fill their tanks all the way up, so a pump bypass on the side of the tank is no big deal.
  10. The pump on your Skid will flat go away, unless you rinse it out as soon as you are done cleaning the roof, and even if you do, that pump is not one of the most reliable roof cleaning pumps! Welcome to the roof cleaning institute! Many of our members are over here, on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/ Please post this over there, for better response.
  11. You will have to check your local laws about how much chemical you can carry. Until you can use a 55 gallon drum, but your SH in smaller amounts, and charge accordingly. I am sure people there would like a clean roof, but many dont know they can safely have one! That is your job now, to get a rig, and clean some roofs, and develop your local market.
  12. As long as you have at least 9 CFM of air, it will spray ok, and will spray even better with more air.
  13. Welcome Ken, my advice is to read, and then read some more, and don't be afraid to post questions, on the forum. Because you are a Premium Member, you are able to call me for help, if you need it. 813-407-1097 I also fixed your forum signature, by activating your company website link
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