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    Real nice job on those barrel tile roof cleanings in Tampa, Florida Chris. No question why you are a leader in this industry!
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    Nice looking job. I also liked the light colored shingles when I use to clean asphalt. Only do them for realtors now, who helped me get started. I am going to drive to Jacksonville on our trip to Florida next week. We have to do a presentation to HOA near Orlando for cedar roof cleaning. Looking to winter in Florida and cleaning cedar part time while there. A lot of cedar roofs in Florida and an open niche market. Sure beats the 10 degrees here today in Iowa. LOL Great work!
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    Cleaning the asphalt roof shingles makes a huge difference in the resale value of a home. Like yourself, we do a ton of shingle roof cleaning work down here for realtors, who plan to place a home on the market. Once a potential buyer sees those black streaks on the roof, it can be hard for the realtor to do their job. Buyers see a neglected asphalt shingle roof in need of cleaning, and often wonder what ELSE the home seller has neglected It is my understanding that the Jacksonville Florida area is a hot real estate market, because it is a pretty desirable place to live. Think about it ? No way the NFL puts a football team in a place that isn't gonna grow! I have never been that far north, Flagler Beach is as far north as I have even got. I am single, and did meet a girl from Orange Park part of Jacksonville online, but we are just a little too far apart for a relationship, and decided to just be friends instead.
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    That looks great, Hopefully With a now clean asphalt roof that home will sell for its owners. Not only is the roof cleaning necessary, it can lift your morale with Pride of ownership. Your doing a great job in Jacksonville Florida.
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    Thanks Chris. It did come out nice. Since this house is on the market, I think it will help this homeowner make a faster sale, and possibly more money on the sale of this home. A number of neighbors in this area could use a roof cleaning as well, so we hope to hear from them. We put out a discount card at neighbors homes around the houses we do, so hopefully a few take advantage of it.
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    Wow, that sure is a nice looking asphalt shingle roof cleaning you did up in Jacksonville! I just love cleaning light colored shingle roofs, because the difference is quite dramatic, and that makes for very happy customers.
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    I had a customer tell me the stripes looked like a nice pattern up there. Nice to meet you neighbor, Im glad to know another pro cleaner in the area.
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    There are a lot of roofs in general in Seminole county that need it but the education is lacking. Common response I get is I didn't know you could or were suppose to clean the roof.
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    It has been awhile since I have been over to Seminole County Florida, or to Sanford. The last time I was there, I noticed quite a bit of roofs, both tile and shingle, that needed cleaning. I was surprised that there are several parts of Sanford that have Homeowners Associations, like we do over here.
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    Wow, awesome roof cleaning pics, what parts of long island were these pics taken at ?
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    Another fine job by Apple Roof Cleaning.
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    Jacksonville is absolutely BOOMING. They are building a TON of new stuff in the St. Johns county area and south side of Jacksonville. Speaking of NFL, I think we have the biggest jumbotrons in the world at the stadium. You can see them from the Dames Point bridge when it's on! There are TWO HD LED scoreboards. Each one is 62x362 feet totalling 22,000 sq. ft. of screen! I would love to play Battlefield on those, lol. We would love an opportunity to do roof cleaning for famous Jacksonville Jaguar football players and their families. I'm kind of oblivious sometimes though, especially if it comes to celebrity or something like that. I could have cleaned for some of them already, because we do some seriously large barrel tile roof cleanings for high end clients. I'm such a dummy, I wouldn't even know if I had been hired by one of their wives or something else! I might not even realize someone is famous unless they tell me. Then again, I'm that guy who will be lucky to recognize his own friends passing down the street, lol.
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    I heard something about Jacksonville Florida being the largest city in the USA, as far as area goes ? The closest I ever got to Jacksonville was Flagler Beach, and I remember seeing a ton of dirty roofs needing cleaning there.
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    This post I am replying to, I made in 2013. It's 2017 and nothing has changed, except that with newer equipment, I now clean roofs without walking on them-or minimally-compared to a pressure washed roof, which has to be walked on, basically every square foot! Here's a couple videos of me cleaning roofs from a step ladder.
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    Thanks Chris and Hispanos En Accion. This was done in the Villages of San Jose community of Jacksonville, Florida. There are a lot of tile roofs there that need cleaned still. This one is a great example of what we can do for the residents there.
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    Nice tile roof cleaning Adam, the home looks so much better! Where was this done at ?
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    Yes that's right Chris, steep roofs like this can seem impossible to clean and customers may even want to call a roofing company to replace their shingles. However we can get the black steaks off any roof. Rocky Mount, North Carolina is close to Greenville and is also apart of our roof cleaning service area!
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    That was a really nice job you did on that roof cleaning up in Greenville North Carolina Josh. That was not the easiest roof to clean, because it was steep, and very dirty. I am sure your customers were tickled pink Is Rocky Mount near to Greenville ?
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    Yes, the softwash of this tile roof came out so good, you can't tell the new replacement tiles from the old ones.
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    Yep I agree. I look at the other angle too. That being, as long as their are hacks out their doing it the wrong way it only makes more work for me. Friend or foe, it makes me dough. Becuase I have made a lifetime income going behind hacks. My target customer is the one that knows the value of "paying for what you want" and has already made the mistake of "getting what you pay for." All customers have a paint horror story. We have made a living being on the flip side of that coin.
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    Thanks Chris. This one was in the exclusive Deerfield community if I remember right. That is the south side area of Jacksonville, off of Southside Blvd. Very nice homes, many with tile roofs that need cleaned! Guns and hoses, I know what you're getting at, and nice job on the restorations! My point is only that the original glazing can never be restored. Just like that classic car. You might be able to put a new clear coat on it, but the last thing anyone wants is to damage or lose the existing one! It is far more valuable and desirable in original condition than repainted. As you know, our clients don't have to worry about paying to restore the tiles on their roofs, because there is zero damage from our process.
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    Quote : The damage done is irreversible, and leaves the tiles looking dull, compared to their original appearance. To the OP I completly understand if you make that statement in the context of your sales pitch. But other than that its not totally true. WE clean roofs and are also a paint contractor and repaint and restore tile roofs all the time. We just sealed a classic terricotta clay tile roof yesterday that looks amazing. Clay tile is amazing. I say that because like I told the customer. Its like a classic car. Of all the tile roofs I have cleaned in 20 years its the only tile style that I can get to look as good as the day they installed it. ( that being said OP your original statement is at least 80% true) If you let me seal it it will be better. Kinda like a frame off restoration on a car. He cannot believe what I did. I took an old abandoned for 2 years house roof where the tile was as black as muck and made it better than new. Chris I almost came back down and told him "deals off" . But he was not home so I stayed. I used my normal mix beefed up and hit the worst spot 3 times without the least bit of change. I think it had a baked on glaze locking the GM in. I persisted and won that battle. What a thrill when i seen his face. He asked me at least 5 different times. "YOu used your pressure washer didn't you?" You had to pull it out didn't you? Nope we don't ever do that. EVER MAN!
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    Homeowners hate those black streaks on the roof, especially when they are right in front of the house, like this home up in Willowbrook, Illinois
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    Yes, I saw that you have been cleaning tile roofs, in that Crescent Oaks subdivision, way up in Tarpon Springs. http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/index.php?/blogs/entry/485-tarpon-springs-roof-cleaning/ It looks like you also cleaned the driveway of this one, and it sure needed it. IMHO, nothing spoils a real nice tile roof cleaning job, like a dirty driveway. And, like yourself, we also point out to our customers that the algae on the driveway can soon spread up to the clean tile roof, if not removed.
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    Thanks Chris, yes we have been in the same subdivision all week up in Tarpon Springs.
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    Yes there are lot's of roofs that need cleaning. We are staying very busy in this Tarpon Springs area.
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    It looks like Crescent Oaks in Tarpon Springs FL has quite a few roofs that need cleaning ? The neighbors tile roof, right next to the one you cleaned, is dirty too.
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    Nice we dont have to many around here and I havent had the oppurtunity to clean one yet when that day comes Ill deffinetly call you first. Seems like it be a little more than cleaning shingles
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    Thanks for all the kind words Guys This new forum software we just installed is really cool. Not only is it much faster, but it also allows additional roof cleaning pictures to be posted into existing Blog Threads, like this one! Here are some more tile roof cleaning pictures we did this week, here in the Tampa Florida area. I FINALLY have a roof cleaner, who is handy with a Camera. He is proud of his work, and always shows it off on his Facebook page, to all his friends and family. We pay our roof cleaners well, not only because we have so much time invested in their training, but because we want them to be happy here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa. From sharing these tile roof cleaning pictures on Facebook with his many friends and family, our roof cleaner was able to get two large tile roof cleaning jobs in Tampa we would not have had otherwise. So, we paid him a generous bonus, over and above his weekly salary. We feel that well trained and well paid happy employees make happy customers
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    That's not a standing seam roof picture, these panels in the photos are commonly called 9" R-Panels. The great thing about R-Panels is that you can screw down fall protection anchors pretty much anywhere and they are very inexpensive($15-$20). Most metal panels are painted with a Kynar finish, very similar to Teflon. It is designed to have zero friction when wet to allow for self cleaning during rain. Don't ever get caught on a metal roof in the rain or having to walk back over your soapy mix, it won't end well. A standing seam roof cost about 30% more and is easy to identify because you won't see thousands of screw heads everywhere. They are held in place by clips under the panels and you are prohibited from screwing into them or you will void the waterproof warranties. Fall protection on a true standing seam roof is more expensive because you can't just screw thru the panels. You would use a seam clamp anchor like this one, I developed this anchor for my full time job. They run just under $200. Looks like you did a great job on the roof and the driveway. Did you softwash the drive or PW?
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    ​Oh, the Orange Park area of Jacksonville I have been there before. We are seeing more and more metal roofs down here in our part of Florida. I like them, especially when it rains. The white metal roofs reflect the sunlight, and offer some energy savings, as well as very long life! I am not familiar with Atlantic Beach, is that in Jacksonville too ? I also like the way you have trademarked your metal roof cleaning pictures. Sometimes, dirty competitors will steal them, and try and take credit for the work you did
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    Nice work Nick, as always. It seems like you clean a lot of roofs up in the Landsbrook section of Palm Harbor. We have been very busy too, down here. And, like yourself, many of the work orders I wrote up today, are from repeat customers we cleaned shingle and tile roofs for years ago. These last few years here in the Tampa Bay Florida area have had average and above average rainfall, and we all know what that does to the roofs! I think you guys up there in Palm Harbor get even more rain then we do down here, because you are closer to the Gulf. So, not only are the shingle and tile roofs getting dirty faster because of all this rain, the well watered Algae that is growing on them is thick, and takes more time and chemical to remove it.
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    The weather was perfect down here too today, for roof cleaning. I quoted a house flipper here 3 weeks ago on a large shingle roof. I told him to decide quickly,. because we were getting more and more busy, as we get closer to the holidays. So he calls me today, and decides to go ahead with his shingle roof cleaning, and wanted it done by this Friday, LOL I could not fit him in, so I gave the job to a local competitor/friend. It too was a light colored asphalt shingle roof, just like the one you just did up in Jacksonville.
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    Light colored shingles really show the difference sometimes. I'm sure you'll have fun down here, it was 80 degrees today while I was cleaning an asphalt shingle roof here in Jacksonville. The weather was perfect.
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    It sits along the intracoastal waterway and has many small fingers of water that snake their way through there. It's exactly what it says, a marsh. The big river up here is the St. John's river. The intracoastal apparently runs about 3000 miles in total along the coastline. Some of it natural, some of it man made canals, etc. and it sits a bit close to the coast than the St. John's river. Roof cleaning in Marsh Landing is always fun.
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    Ponte Vedra Beach Florida is the town Tim Tebow went to High School at! I was unaware it was close to Jacksonville, where you did that Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning at. That came out really nice, BTW. Many customers are unaware that barrel tile roofs should not be cleaned using pressure alone. Many colored concrete tiles can be stripped of their color, by using pressure washing methods on them. And, once this pressure washing damage is done to a barrel or cement tile roof, it will never look good again.
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    I followed high school football, and our team from Armwood High School had to play Ponte Vedra for the Florida State Champoinship. You guys beat us that year, mostly because of Tim Tebow being on your team. That barrel tile roof cleaning you did up in Ponte Vedra came out great John!
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    Looks Great! Its amazing how many people don't realize you don' t use a pressure washer on any type of roof.
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    We provide Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal services in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, Sudden Valley, Blaine, Semiahmoo, Custer, Everson, Sedro Wooley, Mt Vernon, Marysville, Anacortes, Oak Harbor and other cities in Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties.
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    Hey Dustin, I see you offer roof cleaning in all these areas. Westwego, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, Avondale, Metairie, Kenner, Lake Shore, New Orleans, New Orleans East, Uptown, Downtown, Terrytown, Belle Chasse, Lafitte Do you know where Avery Island Louisiana is at ? Is it close enough to you to do a possible roof cleaning job there ? I am currently dating a woman from Metairie who has relatives on Avery Island who might want to get their roofs washed.
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    Thank you very much, these pictures we of roof cleaning jobs in St. James, Smithtown, Nesconset, New York.
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    Awesome pictures your customer must be very happy with the results
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    I remember Mallard used to do roof cleaning up in Palm Harbor, back when they were still in business. It seems they gave everyone 5 year warranties, then went out of business,when it came time to make good on what they promised. I told you my ex girlfriends sister used to live up in Lansbrook, or is it spelled Landsbrook in Palm Harbor. Both were really into Ducks. They used to go to this park up there, to watch them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BATcnojx5t4 I am sure you have encountered Geese when cleaning a roof Nick ? I was watering plants, and had to get into a backyard, and did not see the Geese once. LOL, that was a roof cleaning adventure I will never forget!
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    I have been to Englewood beach before, and saw all those dirty tile roofs that needed cleaning down there. That was back before I knew you. You are right about getting good food there! I can't remember the name of the seafood place we ate at, but I cleaned my plate! Do you know if Englewood Baithouse is still there Chuck ?
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    Liberty SoftWash

    Roof Cleaning in Delaware

    Book now for a spring cleaning in PA, MD, and DE. Don't replace your roof just because its dirty or has moss on it. Call a certified roof cleaner to make the roof look like new. Call today (717) 324-4208
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