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  2. Every commercial cleaning service work to provide reliable services to reduce stress. Various complicated areas require corporate cleaning services Sydney such as office spaces, kindergartens, schools, and many more working places. Choosing the right cleaning service is daunting because one has to check a number of factors before reaching a final decision. Right from their training to their cleaning methods, everything needs to match your needs. Well, many commercial cleaning centers are specialized in cleaning aspects. Before you choose any corporate cleaning services Sydney, know about your space and its cleaning requirements. Opt for a cleaning company and get yourself a tidy place! Points for choosing professional cleaning services Checkpoints that you need to consider for selecting professional cleaning services. Letting strangers enter your place and clean is a challenging task and therefore you worry about safety. But the professional corporate cleaning services Sydney are extremely careful to handle your stuff and maintain the safety and security of a place. To make your space shine, the cleaners make use of the best cleaning agents. There is some Commercial cleaning centre that cares about its customers and aims to provide excellent service. You need to clear the points or doubts in your mind before you select any professional cleaning services. It will ensure you get the best and skilled experts to sparkle your place.
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  5. Chris will never steer you wrong when it comes to roof cleaning. He had these pumps, and they dumped on him when he needed warranty help. A lot of people in the industry are aware of the problems with these roof cleaning pumps, mostly because of his advocacy for something better and the other people who have had issues with them. I'm sorry people were bashing you on facebook. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has access to the internet now, and that is the result. Before smart phones, not everyone could get online, so things were much better then. Although you also had the results of many people being anonymous online. Anyway, back to the pumps. It's unfortunate they still tell people it's made for roof cleaning. Just take Chris's advice and keep it clean. At the same time, prepare for some upgrades/changes in your equipment to make life easier.
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  7. Your UDOR Pump is NOT "specially designed" for roof cleaning, I am sorry to say. I have one in my shed that quit on me, years ago. You are welcome to drive here to see it. The UDOR is a pump for pest control, tree and agricultural spraying, etc. The crooks at UDOR, who refused to honor my warranty on their UDOR Zeta Pump when it broke, got the bright idea to market the pump to our roof cleaning industry. All you have to do is look at what materials are used in it, to know there are much better materials to make a pump from. Nevertheless, it will last awhile, as long as you rinse it out RIGHT AWAY. The Diaphragms last awhile, Doubt you will need to worry about them. Glad you got new fittings made out of Polyproplyne ! Your old ones were NYLON, a big No NO for roof cleaning chemical use. Next, you either need a new tank, or move the bypass hose to the TOP of the tank. That Skid you bought looks like it was aimed at the Pest Control People. They seldom if ever fill their tanks all the way up, so a pump bypass on the side of the tank is no big deal.
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  11. Keeping the college premises clean is a daunting task. College these days are spacious and also have several types of equipment. Apart from students, the college now also has dedicated spaces for computers laptops, printers, projection screens, etc. Maintaining and college cleaning Sydney is a challenging job because one has to take into consideration several factors such as the area of the college, use of proper cleaning material, etc. Apart from cleaning the classrooms, a college contains several other areas too which require a focused and regular college cleaning Sydney. Check out the following points that require consideration while hiring a college cleaning service. Before hiring a college cleaning service it is crucial to check with them the cleaning schedule. Ensure that you ask them about the timings and the frequency of the cleaning schedule. When you hire a college cleaning Sydney you must know about their experience and expertise. Some cleaning services are known for cleaning commercial and some excel in residential and college cleaning. It is crucial to ask the cleaning service provider about the cleaning products they make use of. Most college cleaning service use non-toxic products, if not make sure you hire the one that makes use of non-harmful products. You need to consider these points before you hire a cleaning service provider. It will help you hire an effective and efficient cleaning company that can meet your expectations for cleaning your space.
  12. I left the FB group. Everyone just kept bashing my friggin pump. I didn't get anything answered that I actually went there for. My Zeta pump is absolutely made for roof cleaning, specifically designed and comprised of materials that withstand abrasive, caustics, and any other harsh or acidic fluids. Of course it has to be flushed and cleaned after every use, I'm ok with that. I also know that I will have to replace diaphragms quite often, I'm ok with that. I know that all my plumbing needs to be replaced with polyethylene components, I'm cool with that too. There's better ways to go about giving advice on inadequate equipment(some of those guys wrote books on inadequate equipment, their girlfriends told me) ohhhh zinger! Lol But seriously, I'll be just fine without FB and anything else. Adios, Buenos noches.
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  15. I once tried cleaning the roof myself and gave up just after a few minutes. Better leave it to the professionals.
  16. Crazy how slow forums have become after flakebook came along. I still prefer the forums to that medium.
  17. I sent a request for the FB page you sent me and I'm awaiting approval. Here is more info on the pump. I just got off the phone with the company and they said I can absolutely clean roofs with my system as long as I regularly clean and maintain the equipment. I spoke with one business owner that has used the same system for a couple years with no issues. He changes his diaphragms every 3 months but the manufacturer recommend every 6-9 months. I just need approval on the FB page so I can repost my original post. Thanks for the help.
  18. The pump on your Skid will flat go away, unless you rinse it out as soon as you are done cleaning the roof, and even if you do, that pump is not one of the most reliable roof cleaning pumps! Welcome to the roof cleaning institute! Many of our members are over here, on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/ Please post this over there, for better response.
  19. Greetings and Salutations fellow non-pressure roof cleaners. I'm Jeremy Vining (pronounced Viking)and I'm trying to break into the Softwash and Exterior cleaning field. I've been inspecting roofs for storm damage and replacing them thru homeowners insurance for the past three and a half years. To keep this brief and to the point, I'll skip anymore background other than I'm a service connected disabled combat veteran, I was an Infantryman Paratrooper for 6 years in the 82nd Airborne Division. I just recently bought a brand new KingSprayer Softwash 50 gallon rig, 10 GPM, 150' of 3/8 hose. I'll post a pic. My question is as follows: What is the best way to utilize this skid rig to build up enough capital to buy the rest of the goods? (300 g tank, 100 g tank, more hose, proportioned, air compressor, heater, etc...) I'll be treating this as a side business for now but eventually go full time roof and exterior washing. I'm sick of selling roofs for someone else and I want my own baby to build, operate, grow, and be proud of. I know it can be done, but what's the best way to clean a roof with what I have available? Imagine you're me and you have my rig. You just arrived to a 35 square, medium pitch roof(not steeper than a average staircase), new flowerbeds on the left side where there are no gutters, HVAC on the right side with no gutters, flowerbed in front with gutters and downspouts on each left and right corner, an outdoor kitchen patio in the back with a pool and a stained wooden pergola in the backyard, gutters on the back with downspouts left and right corners. Gleocapsa Magma is the growth you're tackling all over the roof. Outdoor Water connection/spigots on the left and right sides. Anyone care to do a step by step?? Also, how do I bid the job? $0.25 a square foot? Thank you for your help and support! Happy to be starting a new adventure!
  20. Century Horizonis an upcoming apartment complex with elevated housing blocks constituting elegantly built apartment units with luxurious facilities. century horizon bangaloreCentury Horizon Floor Plan located in Jakkur Bangalore is outlined with different sizes of flats with best modern interiors and exteriors. century horizon floor plan Century has put in best specifications, and apartment units are designed in such a way that each unit is well ventilated with elevated windows and well lit balconies.century horizon specifications Century Horizon has designed different models in this apartment complex.century horizon amenities Century Horizonapartment will be vastu compliant which is an added advantage for the Customer. century horizon priceThe project offers spacious living room and bed room. Century Horizonhas modern specificationforbathroom fittings and electrical fittings. Century Horizon Jakkur Bangalore The apartment will have vitrified tiles in the balcony area. The bedrooms are very spacious and well ventilated with elevated windows.Century Horizon Reviews The bedrooms have an attached bathroom with modern fittings. Century Horizon location The apartments are brilliantly outlined with space-effective designs. The balcony is expansive and has access to good outdoor views.
  21. Hiring college cleaning Sydney to maintain your college space you from a considerable measure of hassle. With regards to select the right firm to work with, you have to take a gander at certain considerations & factors, which have been explained in details as follows: Proper gear & equipment A reputed commercial cleaning firm invests in the latest equipment and tools. You would likewise need to guarantee that the cleaning gear isn’t loud or it can disturb people on the premises if the cleaning task is performed while your workers are present. Substantial experience in the field Select a college cleaning Sydney Company with the right experience in the field of cleaning. In the event that the organization you procure has had a lot of experience in dealing with customers’ needs, it indicates that they know how to handle the cleaning tasks. Quality Service Obviously toward the day's end, what everyone requires is the best quality of cleaning. Procuring a college cleaning Sydney as opposed to doing the cleaning yourself implies you assume that the company truly offers you quality results. You need to check out the things mentioned above before you schedule a college cleaning Sydney to get efficient cleaners.
  22. El negocio inmobiliario es una empresa comercial altamente impredecible en Colombia. La compra y venta de propiedades inmobiliarias tiene la misma probabilidad de ganancias y pérdidas. El tiempo es la palabra clave en cualquier trato de bienes inmuebles. Vender en el momento adecuado puede generar enormes ganancias. La idea básica para obtener ganancias en el negocio inmobiliario sería comprar cuando los precios son bajos, mantener la propiedad hasta que sienta que el valor ha alcanzado su punto máximo y se haya saturado, y venderla manteniendo un enorme margen de ganancia. Utilice un enfoque multifacético cuando compre o venda bienes raíces en Antioquia. En el mercado actualmente lento, existen numerosas consideraciones que no deben pasarse por alto si desea maximizar la efectividad de sus esfuerzos de promoción. Hay muchas casas de lujo, condominios y casas en venta en Antioquia, y en todo el resto del país. Haga que su propiedad se venda más rápido siguiendo estos consejos. Arriende su casa en Medellín Después de tomar la decisión de comprar o vender una casa, seleccionar un agente de bienes raíces es el próximo gran paso que tomará. En el mundo cada vez más competitivo de los agentes inmobiliarios y el mercado inmobiliario en expansión, el conocimiento local y la perspicacia profesional es lo que se espera de un agente. Deben tener conocimiento de la región elegida, registros comprobados de logros en el competitivo mundo inmobiliario. Seleccionar un agente entre tantos expertos es la decisión más importante que tomará. Para hacerlo más fácil, puede buscar un agente inmobiliario en línea. Los préstamos vienen en muchas formas diferentes. Considere los beneficios y las limitaciones de los préstamos a tasa fija, los préstamos a interés solamente, los préstamos a tasa ajustable, los préstamos con amortización negativa y más. Nunca tenga miedo de pedirle a un prestamista potencial que le explique en detalle las diferencias que le confunden. Apartamentos en arriendo en Medellín ¿Conoces la diferencia entre la tasa APR y la tasa de interés? Además de la tasa de interés, la tasa de porcentaje anual se calcula en términos de la duración del préstamo y más. Sin embargo, recuerde siempre que, en muchos casos, la APR es mal calculada por los prestamistas. Si está considerando un préstamo con tasa ajustable, entonces no hay forma de calcular la APR. Con respecto a los préstamos con tasa ajustable y los bienes raíces en Antioquia, siempre asegúrese de comprender el nivel de ajuste máximo, la frecuencia de ajuste, el margen, el índice y la tasa de capitalización. Cuando se trata de bienes raíces en Antioquia, es importante comprender todos los costos involucrados. Se deben considerar impuestos, tarifas de tasación, tarifas de análisis de plagas, tarifas de depósito en garantía, tarifas de verificación de crédito y tarifas de registro. Eliminará la posibilidad de sorpresas desagradables al comprender todos los costos por adelantado. Medellín - San Antonio de Prado Las ofertas inmobiliarias en Antioquia pueden ser desalentadoras para los inexpertos. Muchas políticas se han redefinido recientemente debido a las condiciones actuales del mercado. Podrá comercializar y negociar mejores ofertas inmobiliarias si se toma el tiempo para educarse primero. Un agente de bienes raíces profesional de Antioquia puede simplificar todos los aspectos de la compra y venta de bienes raíces para usted.
  23. Cleaning up space regularly consumes a lot of time. People who have tried cleaning on their own often complain about how they miss out on the tricky areas because they are not familiar with the cleaning procedures. Office cleaning companies Sydney offer reliable cleaning with the use of the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. So you definitely require a professional cleaning service that can offer you the effective cleaning. Here are some the things you can expect from an expert you hire for cleaning services: Paying attention to the client’s recommendations and problems The cleaning service you hire should be easily accessible. You need to check whether the Office cleaning companies Sydney are considering the suggestions and implementing them. Know-how about the latest cleaning products and equipment Professional cleaners should be skilled and make use of the latest cleaning equipment. Additionally, they must also know about the cleaning product to use for a particular area. Ensure that you talk to your cleaner before you hire a professional cleaning service. Professional behavior Cleaners need to be alert and quick when it comes to deal with areas like workspace, preschools, health centres, etc. These spaces have loads of equipment which require be maintaining and caring during the cleaning process from Office cleaning companies Sydney. Consider these points before you get a cleaning company for reliable and effective cleaning of your office space.
  24. Hank Timmerman of Pocono Roof and Exterior Cleaning has recently suffered a stroke and is currently in a comatose state. We have set up a fundraiser for his family to help with any medical /family expenses that may come up. If you ever met Hank, you will agree he is on of the good guys who is always willing to help. I first met Hank years ago here on this forum and he remained a friend ever since. He is a widower and raised his 2 kids, one of which is currently in college. Any amount you can give will help. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/donate/2380787892186502/627785087756019/
  25. How do I need to learn as we live in a world that changing so faster that you are not ready with all updates? Look at the new iPhone. It changes every year. And this is not so easy to keep track of all new things. Sometimes I get frustrated with these things. I've graduated a university, started to work and wanna be a good specialist. And it doesn't come so easy to me as I need to make some efforts in order to be on the track I want. One of the most important things that I need in modern reality is the ability to learn. Not simple learning, but fast learning. This is not that I've learned at university at all. And I need patience for what I wanna do as it takes time to insert into my life. All the same, the university gave me the background that I can use for my further improvements. I wanna say that there was a time when I used some trick that helps me to do all tasks on time. Learning with support of the essay service https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html. I know that it is judged by the university, but at all, it kept away all stress and depression that I could have and spent money on the therapist. Learning by small steps. What does it mean? After my graduation, I started to find ways how to make faster my learning in which way I should learn. For that time I couldn't find the decision on my own. That was the reason why I went through a therapist session. It helped me to find out that I am emotionally healthy and everything about my feelings is ok. She suggested me to pay attention to how I like to learn, do I like it at all, can I find ways that help me. From that time I started to learn about myself, about my body, about my brain, about my behavior, about my reaction. It wasn't so easy as I used to think as it took some time. Although, I was ready for that and happy that I'm ok. I started to feel the taste of life. Reverting to the art of small things. I've realized that huge projects come from small decisions made every day. You cannot eat an elephant all told. You will eat it by parts. This works for everything in life. At first, you need some time to think about what way you will go. In order to understand it better, let's take an example. Learning a new language. The best way is to take a tutor and creating a program. This is a huge program, but you will get the lessons. You will do the tasks every day. I wanna say that this process at first won't be visible. You can see no progress. But you cannot expect the result immediately. You will see it in a year or maybe later. And it will be okay. Everyone has a unique way of learning. Bu the most important are actions. The more you train the more you gain.
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