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  3. So if you were going to either buy or build a new set up, and had a limited budget of say less than $1000. What type of setup would you start with air or 12 volt? And what components you would buy if building your own system?
  4. As long as you have at least 9 CFM of air, it will spray ok, and will spray even better with more air.
  5. What is the minimum compressor size to operate one of these pumps?
  6. New member here from vancouver, BC. Have been doing asphalt/tile/metal roofs for a while now, looking to jump into cedar roof cleaning. Some people i know have tried using the SH mix for roofs here but it turns roofs silver/white, are there any other methods available?
  7. Even though the forums have slowed down due to the major migration to facebook and other social media, the RCIA is still the best place to go for roof cleaning information and training. This is still the best roof cleaning organization out there, led by one of the true pioneers of zero pressure roof cleaning. Anyone else on the fence about joining the RCIA, don't be. It will literally be one of the best things you ever did for your business.
  8. This is the section on metal roof cleaning https://roofcleaninginstitute.org/forum/7-metal-roof-cleaning/ I think your mix just wasn't strong enough, and you didn't have a good enough surfactant to help it stick! There are more things to know about metal roofs, so read up and ask questions. I do a lot of metal roof cleaning here in Jacksonville, Florida, but we also do a ton of tile roof cleaning here because they're very common.
  9. Yes mostly asphalt roofs. I had a steel roof job this week. I found out that a steel roof is much harder to clean. I could see the black mildew on the roof. I used soap and water to test with then added a little SH. I found I had to use an extension pole brush on the entire roof. The mildew would not release without slight brush pressure. I had a JLG lift and also a 30 foot brush. The job worked me to death. I even sprayed a 20% mix of SH. The mildew turned a brown color like on a asphalt shingle roof but still would not release without a brush. What to do? How do you get the same result as on a shingle roof? We have a lot of dirty metal roofs which are also faded from sun exposure. Metal roofs do not impress me at all. I have done my last metal roof if I cannot find the secret recipe.
  10. No, I have been trying to clean steel roofs also. I have been having problems with steel and would love to find out what I am doing wrong. Is there a section that deals with metal roofs. I am trying to learn navigation of this site
  11. Hi Mike. Welcome to the best roof cleaning site on the internet! Is asphalt all you clean up there?
  12. Hello Everyone, My name is Mike and I am located in Charleston, Moncks Corner area of South Carolina. I have been cleaning shingle roofs for about ten years.
  13. Hi Everyone, Was recommended here by a friend of mine who recently sold his property maintenance business. What thread should i look for cedar roof cleaning procedures/sealing?
  14. I got a blog. you can read here about ladder safety tips and all about ladders.
  15. Welcome Ken, my advice is to read, and then read some more, and don't be afraid to post questions, on the forum. Because you are a Premium Member, you are able to call me for help, if you need it. 813-407-1097 I also fixed your forum signature, by activating your company website link
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm here to learn. Great info on the site and happy to join. Ken
  17. Thanks for sharing important points. I have found a nice article on roof cleaning and regular inspection. Read here https://crownroofing.ca/blog/what-is-the-importance-of-regular-roof-maintenance/
  18. Honestly, we see very very little Moss here in Tampa, so I have never tried it. Now, back when I lived in Seattle, I remember that shit! Moss is a real bitch to remove, as you know. My opinion is air will blow some of the Moss off, the loose stuff, but when the Moss is still alive, I really have my doubts about air, unless you have a lot of it. Richie Frisson owns EDGE Roof Cleaning in BC Canada, he deals with Moss all the time. He is an RCIA Member, maybe he has some info to share on Moss.
  19. Chris, Have you any thoughts on using air to blow the moss off of tile roofs and out of the joints between the tiles. We currently scrape the moss off of roofs. It works fine but I would like to do it faster and easier hence why I would like to try an air compressor. I don't know how much psi or cfm I would need. If air would work it would be so much faster and also a lot cleaner than pressure washing without damaging the surface.
  20. Anyone here cleaned any flat or low pitch commercial roofs? I have an opportunity to possibly work with a group of contractors that apply roof coatings, and reapply at intervals to maintain warranties. At this point, I can only guess at what sort of price to charge and what production rates to expect. Let's say we're talking about fairly small roofs, 5,000- 20,000 square feet, and relatively low, say, 20-30 feet off the ground. Built up or membrane roofs, not metal. Can anyone chime in with any information, please?
  21. Hello. I have been cleaning roofs for a few years and have had good success doing so. Today I just landed my first cedar shingle job and was wondering if the solution I use is ok to use on such materials. I use 30/70 SH/H2O and slomo surfacant. If not, could sombody please let me know what I need to use? The job is this Thursday the 28th. Thank you in advance.
  22. Yes, it can be pretty wet at times over here. On the plus side we very rarely get extreme cold or hot weather. And algae sure does grow quickly.
  23. Hello all! I hope someone has the answer I am looking for. I have been cleaning roofs for a few years now and have had great success doing asphalt and slate roofs. Today I just landed my first cedar roof and just wondering if anyone knows the best solution for such materials. I currently use a 30:70 SH:water and slomo surfactant. Would that be ok to use on cedar? I hope to get some responses soon as we're scheduled for Monday the 25th. Thank you in advance!
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