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  3. how do you guys handle burned leaves on plants or dying plants when someone calls you.
  4. I am glad to read this wonderful article.
  5. It is not right to use another companies pictures, w/o first asking permission.
  6. This guy named Ben Hill is blackmailing people for calling out for stealing his pictures. Check out his yelp, facebook and website to see if he has your pictures. you can join the facebook group (stolen pic by WNC wash pros) to share what you find. This guy is a con artist who lies to his customers about jobs he has done. His google reviews are fake to. If you are a customer just be aware of who you are hiring. Here is a youtube video showing in detail what he does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EVln56A75g
  7. Long Island Helpful Cleaning service has been in business over 15 years and is fully licensed and insured. Our technicians are fully trained and certified on the services we provide and follow OSHA safety guidelines on all projects. We pride ourselves on customer service from initial contact and beyond the completion of your project. All of our services are 100% guaranteed. In fact we do not expect or accept any payment until your project is completed and you are 100% satisfied!
  8. I am interested in just having a home use system...but would consider a commercial set up for longevity. Could someone direct me as to where to start? I have a nice Vortex pressure washer but that is it. many thanks, Gman
  9. Here the heading says The best mobile app in Switzerland. I don't have any idea about the main topic so if you know anything then kindly let us know here. We would be really thankful for you. As i also want you to look here for the sake of informative stuff.
  10. Sorry to hear this. It is a reminder to all roof cleaners to work safely! RIP Ted
  11. LOL, I dont know about Gutter Cleaning anywhere but here in the Tampa Area. The cost of the gutter cleaning will vary from one house to another. You have to keep these factors in mind while you seek help from the expert cleaners of gutters here in Tampa .
  12. We have never had much luck with 12 volt pumps, but we clean a LOT of roofs, often 3 or more in a day, and many are tile roofs. Air Compressor powered pumps are the only thing we have found to hold up. However, we have a larger air compressor of 18 cfm. Air pumps will work with less air, but they will not spray as well as they will with more air. This is just my personal experiences, because I know plenty of roof cleaning friends who use 12 volt pumps,. with much success. Bob from Pressure Tek stands behind all that he sells
  13. Our ClenzOroof product is hydrogen peroxide based. It works unbelievable and doesn't harm the roof or plants.. Due to the Corona virus we have converted most of our plant over to Producing our Green Ox and Blue Ox product. ClenzOroof is still available. If interested please call 1-888-ClenzO2
  14. Here is our Google Local Listing https://g.page/appleroofcleaningtampa?gm
  15. Here is a real simple no cost way. Use Google Earth, measure areas to be cleaned. then use the following conversion for pitch of roof. this will give you the total squares. Slope Factors: When scaling a roof size from a drawing, multiply the roof area X by the slope factor = total area 2/12 Roof Area x 1.0147 = total area without waist 3/12 Roof Area x 1.031 = total area without waist 4/12 Roof Area x 1.054 = total area without waist 5/12 Roof Area x 1.083 = total area without waist 6/12 Roof Area x 1.118 = total area without waist 7/12 Roof Area x 1.158 = total area without waist 8/12 Roof Area x 1.202 = total area without waist 9/12 Roof Area x 1.250 = total area without waist 10/12 Roof Area x 1.302 = total area without waist 11/12 Roof Area x 1.357 = total area without waist 12/12 Roof Area x 1.413 = total area without waist
  16. Hey folks just wondering if anyone has ever used roof scope X or iRoofing Services to measure a roof by Satellite for finding out the number of roofing Squares for Accurate pricing?
  17. Pete from Australia, Our most common roofs these days are Colorbond, a product made by BHP. They are corrugated metal that doesn't rust. They oxidise after time and are best pressure cleaned using a decent surface cleaner. It's the nature of the product. BHP recommend using 2% SH but that does very little, the easiest way we have found to remove it and make it new again is pressure. I would love if somebody can recommend a product that remove heavy oxidation. https://cleanupcrewcleaners.com.au/cleaning-services/roof-cleaning
  18. They look great. Have been looking at comet although these pumps look better. If you get time send more to me at peter.h@cleanupcrewcleaners.com.au Thank you in advance. https://cleanupcrewcleaners.com.au
  19. So sorry, I have been in the hospital for quite awhile. Call me at 813 816 8856 Chris
  20. I bid all my roofs in person. If a roof is bad enough, I use Hang Tight - or similar- If it's really bad, On an average roof, I use only Gain 44 ounces to 100 gal tank. WHY? Additives to increase dwell time etc, also increase plant "Cling" So, half my roofs are done with about a 45% - 50% mix. My local chlorine is only 10.5 %, so I end up with about a 4.5 to 5% mix and with a ground man watering, I haven't killed a plant in over 3 years now. :-)
  21. I accidentally let my website expire through GoDaddy. I had a girl build another one, but it doesn't seem as good as my old one. I had about 15 years on the old 1 and it ranked 1st page Google. Let me know what you think in posts here. Thanks!! This is the new site: https://bergmanpressurewashing.com/
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