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Tile Roof Cleaned In Davis Islands

blog-0921029001369950499.jpgWe like to clean roofs on Davis Islands. My Mom is a volunteer at Tampa General Hospital, and if we get our work done early enough, I can always stop and see my Mom, who I love very much.

This lovely home on Davis Island was a 2 story cement barrel tile roof cleaning we did.

The customers just got transferred here to the Tampa Florida area, from Nebraska!

To say they were in Heaven is an understatement!

I hit it off real well with this customer, he was a fellow football nut, like me!

LOL, I told him "I will make a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan out of you yet"!

Here are the before and after the roof cleaning pictures.

What a difference huh ?


Because Davis Islands are very close to the water, the ambient humidity is higher.

The black algae that grows on tile roofs here in Tampa Florida is a plant, and this plant loves humidity.

We find that roofs we wash that are near or on the water, are always dirtier then the ones we clean further inland.

Of course, Davis Islands are right in the middle, of Tampa Bay!

Give us a call to discuss your needs, and to get your free roof cleaning cost estimate at 813 655 8777


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That tile roof looks great Chris.  Roof cleaning in Tampa is a bit different then here in New Jersey.  The blacks stains on the roof grow more rapid in the south.  But we get moss on roofs here in the Northeast. 

Keep up the good work!



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Here is a big slate tile roof we did up in Avila, just a little bit north of Tampa Florida.


This home belongs to a famous athlete, and had a slate tile roof. You can never walk on a roof like this, so we brought out our manlift.


I made a cheesy video out of the pictures, but I am sure you guys get the idea.


As you can see, it was nearly a 3 story home, and a fall from this slate tile roof would certainly be fatal! 


There was no way not to get the tile roof cleaning chemical on his dormers flashing that were made out of Copper! 

The chemical stripped the old green looking Copper Patina off, and made it shiny as a copper penny again.

Our customer loved the look of it!


Here is the tile roof cleaning video


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Chuck, I got this from an online source - Davis Islands is a Tampa neighborhood and archipelago on two islands in Hillsborough CountyFlorida. Its proximity to Downtown Tampa and its views of the Port of Tampa have made it a popular area to live.

It was made from leftover mud dredged from Tampa Bay, back in the 1920's by some guy with the last name of Davis.

LOL, I guess that's how they came up with the name Davis Islands, because there are 2 Islands, separated by a Canal.

There used to be 3 Islands, but they needed the extra land for the Island Airport!


Like I said, we just love cleaning roofs there, especially on the waterfront parts of the Island. You can get some really nice views of Downtown Tampa, and Tampa Bay Chuck, when you are up cleaning a tile roof on Davis Island! 

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