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Chuck Bergman Charlotte County Florida Videos and Pictures of Proper Roof Cleaning

There is a great misconception among homeowners about roof cleaning!

I have owned a pressure Cleaning business here in Charlotte and Southern Sarasota County Florida since 1989. Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning. 941-698-1959

In around 1991 I found out that the roofing manufacturers say "Do Not Pressure Wash Roofing"

So, this is not a new idea! These manufacturers clearly lay out a cleaning method to be used under their warranty and the accepted cleaning agents, that should be applied to their products, to clean them, removing the black / green algae / mold that discolors and eventually destroys the roof.

These manufacturers do not want to pay for these damages under the provided warranty, so they give cleaning instructions. I will provide 4 links to such manufacturers and you will see that they all say the same basic thing "Apply bleach, TSP and water" "Do not pressure wash"

Of course, because they have this in writing, other methods can void your roofs warranty and will do it damage!

The reason I know there is a widespread "misconception" is that most phone calls I get, still say "I need my roof Pressure Cleaned"


"I need my roof Pressure Washed"


"I need my roof Power washed"

As I said, around 1991 I stopped pressure blasting roofs clean and started the gentle cleaning process the roofing manufacturers allow to be used under their roofing warranty.

So, my business is now Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

As professional roof cleaners, we have an organization for educating the public.


The purpose is to teach pressure washing guys how to clean roofs properly and to educate the homeowners, so that they can avoid the damage caused by pressure washing-power washing-pressure cleaning guys. What a pressure washing machine does to a roof is irreversible.

First, here are 2 videos of us cleaning roofs, using the roofing manufacturers specified method.

Then there is a picture of a roof being blasted clean with a pressure washer. Compare which you would want.


blogentry-150-0-23609000-1369926030_thum {HOW NOT TO CLEAN A ROOF!

Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning. 941-698-1959

Licensed and Insured. Father and Son business since 1994

A+ rated with Better Business Bureau - http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/pressure-washing-companies/chuck-bergman-in-port-charlotte-fl-90024694

Serving Zip Codes: 33981,33947,33946,33953,33987,33993,33948,34224,34223,33952,33954,34293,34287,34288,34286


Recommended Comments

Again, note the picture of a shingled roof being blasted clean with a pressure washing machine. This is obviously the wrong way to do it!


There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of pressure washing businesses and "Guys with machines" in Charlotte and Sarasota County Florida, the area I serve.


Some are very good at pressure washing, but unfortunately for homeowners, most clean roofs with their pressure washers too!

That means roof damage.


The proper roof cleaning method, which is specified by the roofing manufacturers here- http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/Manufacturer_Specifics.html


This same gentle method is what we teach at the RCIA, where I am a member and instructor, among many others!



So, with this information, there is no reason that a sharp talking pressure washing salesman should be able to fool you into thinking it's OK to pressure Wash your roof-It's Not!

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