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Cleaning Tile Roofs In Tampa Florida

It is June here in Tampa Florida, but we managed to get some tile roofs cleaned for our customers, in between the afternoon Thundershowers.

The entire Tampa area is over 4 inches down in rainfall from normal, so we need every drop of rain we can get.  Yes, it can make tile roof cleaning difficult if not impossible, so we just have to work around it.  After over 25 years of cleaning roofs in this area, many of our customers are repeat customers, who know we will get their job done, when it is not raining.

Here are a few of the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures we took.





cleaned tampa tile roof.jpg

cleaned tile roof in tampa.jpg

Tampa Barrel Tile Roof 33602.jpg

Tampa Barrel Tile Roof.jpg

tile roof before cleaning in tampa.jpg

tile roof in tampa florida before we cleaned it.jpg


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It is July 5th 2017, and the Tampa Florida area is still nearly 4 inches down from normal rainfall, despite the serious thunderstorms we had during the last few weeks of June.   Regardless, we still managed to get some tile roofs cleaned, working in between the afternoon thunderstorms. One of these homes had a Koi Fish Pond, so we had to work very carefully, to keep the fish healthy. These customers lived in North Tampa, and you can see they were ready for us to clean their tile roof, and had their silver car moved far enough away from the house so the tile roof cleaning chemical would not hit it.


photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

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This is a flat tile roof in South Tampa we did the other day. It was really really dirty, and the before and after the tile roof cleaning pictures were dramatic.

There was a huge thunderstorm that passed over South Tampa, a few hours after we got finished, so I imagine this flat tile roof looks even better, after all that rain.

Our customers were tickled pink at the results, and left us a great review! 

Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 021.jpg

Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 022.jpg

Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 024.jpg

Tampa Non Pressure Roof Cleaning 026.jpg

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