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The porcess

Tartan Window Cleaning   Serving Nanaimo, Comox Valley, Campbell River and all areas in between.

Just had word that on the a homeowner was refused insurance on a 1.1 million property due to the mossy condition of the homes roof.  Without the full removal of moss, the home would not have qualified for mortgage insurance.

Insurance companies are getting much more critical of a homes condition and the trends are to visit and inspect the home for approval whereas in the past policy's could by obtained over the phone with the exchange of documentation of the home.   In speaking with the Insurance Bureau of Canada rarely does a homeowners policy cover damage due to neglectful maintenance.

Often internal home rot and mould can go undetected for some time only becoming apparent at the time of roof replacement resulting in a more costs.  Keeping your roof free of moss is critical in the upkeep of your home. Moss removal can often be conducted with simple maintenance treatments.  The heavier the moss the more costly to remove.  Call us to discuss your home.  Jeff Mathieson 250-218-3099  www.tartanwindowcleaning.com


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