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Roof Cleaning Nanaimo, Comox, Courtenay, Campbell River

Tartan Window Cleaning   Serving Nanaimo, Comox Valley, Campbell River and all areas in between.

Why Clean my roof?


In the moist climate of Vancouver Island rarely does a home’s roof live up it’s life expectancy.

The first stage deterioration usually begins  with a airborne bacteria called Gleocaspa Magma a black staining this causes your roof to absorb heat. The added heat causes the shingles to curl. Asphalt shingles are covered with a top layer of particulate calcium and ceramic which is to reflect heat.  Soft washing is recommended by asphalt shingle manufactures.  The calcium is food for algae, lichens, fungi, mosses, moulds and once established can raise the shingles, causing leaks and prevent the natural flow of water off the roof. On terracotta, tile, or ceramic roofs the surface gradually breaks down as contaminants penetrate the surface making the tiles prematurely brittle and leaking. Metal roofs the paint and finish does not last and leaks.  Functionality, aesthetically, and the cost of replacement is why we must maintain our roof.  Maintenance usually commonly is  performed every 5 years. Give us a call at 250-218-3099 9-9 7 days as week.

Please go to our web site     http://www.tartanwindowcleaning.com/TWC_logo_.thumb.jpg.a28a111ed7eb3f125b40      or check our our Facebook page                      www.facebook.com/Tartan-Window-Cleaning-1187592167932303/

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Hey great post. 100% agree the pacific northwest has some think ass moss. 

What type of set up do you guys have for your softwash?  Do you use a brush to scrape the moss first or just spray first? 


Kyle Stroshein


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