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Another Cedar Shake Roof Cleaned and Serviced in Bellingham, WA

We received a call from an owner of a home in Bellingham WA, wondering if there was anything that could be done for his cedar shake roof. Honestly, upon first glance, even we were dubious. The roof was over 30 years old, full of moss, debris and lichen. It had been treated with zinc sulphate moss killer which is terrible for cedar roofs. There were curled, cupped sections. Old zinc strip hung in strips from it. We were fairly sure it would at the bare minimum need a ton of service or worse, replacement. But...

Cedar once again surprised us. It turned out the shakes were properly installed. They were thick. They were well fastened. After two stages of restoration, this is how the roof looks today with one more final oiling stage left...




Once again showing why we love cedar shake roofs! Contact us at www.deadmoss.com/cedar.html or contact us at 360-831-9494 for all your cedar shake cleaning, repair and restoration needs in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, San Juan and King Counties. Serving Bellingham to Seattle. 



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