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Roof Cleaning Removes Black Streaks

We wanted to share this awesome example of just how dramatic and appealing a roof cleaning can be. The black streaks on your roof don't always mean you need a new roof. Just because it's ugly, doesn't mean you show throw down $10,000 to make your property look great again. 

Years of mold, algae, lichens, and even moss growth can be removed using a simple, safe, zero pressure roof cleaning method, restoring your roof to it's natural appearance and color. Our RCIA certified roof cleaning company utilizes the right approved cleaning methods to erase years of ugliness and make your property shine again. Roof cleaning results are instant and can last for years before you have to clean it again! Regular maintenance can help ensure your roof lasts like it should by removing destructive organisms that can severely shorten the life of your roof system. 

If your roof is maintained well, and not beyond it's serviceable lifespan, our technicians can restore your curb appeal in just one visit! There are also some added benefits to roof cleaning. For instance, we find that driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other things directly under rain runoff areas are the most heavily infested with algae! The blackest concrete we see is usually under a downspout, and it's no wonder why. 

The algae that causes the black streaks on roofs make streaks because the spores spread downward with the rain. These photos are a great example of this. You can see clean areas below the dormers that stick out from the roof. We often see these clean areas under skylights, attic vents, plumbing vent stacks, and other protrusions from the roof. Due to their being less runoff, there is also less algae and black streaking in these areas. 

When that water runs down to concrete below, it gets dirtier than other areas that don't receive it. Keeping your roof clean means everything below it that is affected by its runoff will stay clean longer as well. Removing these streaks makes your roof last longer, lowers heating and cooling costs, and a proper roof cleaning will do more for your curb appeal for less money, than even painting the entire house would do! Look at these fabulous roof cleaning results below. 

If you find yourself in need of a qualified, certified, educated professional company to help you with your roof cleaning project in or around Jacksonville, Florida call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing today 904-304-0810 or visit our roof cleaning website and request a free quote. 


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