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Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

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Doug Rucker


In Kingwood Texas, living in the Livable Forest can be a luxury not many communities have.  The beautiful tree's and surrounding forest's that were saved when developing the area, provide for much needed shade, as well helps to persevere the beauty of the area.  This shade along with the humidity and rain fall we get make for a beautiful breeding ground for the algae stains that grow on roofs.  Often referred to as ugly black stains, or streaks, they can take over a roof in matter of a short time.  They not only cause the shingles to deteriorate faster than normal, the roof stains also will prevent the UV protection built in to the asphalt shingles from reflecting the sun back off the roof.  These stains must be treated with a chemical application consisting of bleach, water, and a specially made soap. A pressure washer should never be used, even at low pressure, as pressure washing a roof will cause the granules to come loose.  The only solution that will actually kill the algae is a bleached based solution. If this is to used then the algae returns in a relatively short period of time. 

Call or text Clean and Green Solutions at 2818838470 and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Our Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning service will return your roof back to it's natural color with our Soft Wash Low Pressure service.



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Looks like a lot of the black algae is living in the Livable Forest in Kingwood Texas.  We have forested areas down here too, where the developers left most of the trees. My best friend lives in what is called Hidden Forest, and his shingle roof is right under many trees.

I envy him, when it gets really hot outside, because he has all that shade. 


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