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Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning Services Jacksonville, Florida

Here is a great example of how regular maintenance can help extend the life of your roof. This asphalt shingle roof cleaning we did recently made a huge difference in the appearance, but it also helped extend the life of this roof. 

This photo is from the back of the roof before and after cleaning. Although this roof wasn't very old at 6-8 yrs old, and had no trees covering it, the roof was still subject to algae and mold. The spores that affect your roof are airborne, and can spread from one home to the next. The black streaks caused by the algae on your roof usually take a number of years to become noticeable. 

In this case, the roof actually didn't look too terrible, until part of it was cleaned. Looking at our Jacksonville roof cleaning photos, you can immediately see just how bad the roof was before our technicians restored it. Many people think as long as their roof is out in the open, gets good sun, and doesn't have tress over it, that there is nothing to worry about. The truth is, devastating roof algae can attack any roof under almost any conditions. This goes double for humid and mostly tropical areas like Florida. 

If your roof is older than five years old, and it's color is darkening or looking dull, you need a roof cleaning. The algae that infests roofs can cause damage and granule loss, as well as lower the curb appeal and value of your property. Save money over replacement by having a professional certified contractor like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC clean your roof for you. Have questions about roof cleaning? Call our top Jacksonville, Florida roof cleaning experts today. 904-304-0810



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