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Palm Harbor Roof Washing

Out washing roofs today in Palm Harbor FL. This roof was a referral from this homeowners son whom we did a roof cleaning for last month. This was a 2000 sq ft tile roof that was covered in mold & mildew. The homeowners concerns was the plants & shrubs surrounding the entire home.

We assured him that we have a dedicated ground guy who's only job is to soak down all the vegetation before, during, & after the roof cleaning process. We always tell our customers to run there sprinklers after were done as a precaution.

As u can see in the pictures, the roof was washed back to it's original color. Removing the mold & mildew from the roof will also increase the life of the roof as well.IMG_6358.thumb.PNG.6cd2b82ecc7e59349b5f3IMG_6360.thumb.PNG.28bceb5470bd4ac4d4fe2


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