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Slate Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

What an exciting opportunity. Thanks to a very good repeat customer, Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC had the opportunity to show off our roof cleaning skills on a very dirty slate roof. Slate roof cleaning is pretty straight forward, much like tile roof cleaning, but not every case is the same. 

Today we cleaned a roof that (as far as is known) hasn't had any treatment or cleaning for over 40 years! On a beautiful historic home in the lovely San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida was one nasty slate roof. 

Our slate roof cleaning included the same kind of steps we perform on many other roofs. Apply our proprietary roof cleaning solution, while protecting all plants and vegetation, and restore the roof to it's original color. 

In this case, getting a perfect restoration will take a little while. Numerous coats of our cleaning solution were required to break through the 40+ year layer of growth on the roof. Although cleaned and ready to go, this roof will take a while to reach 100% potential. When buildup is over 40 years old, 1/8" thick, and never been touched, it will take a while for the remaining residue to break down and wash off of the roof with sun and rain. The roof will look amazing after a little time. It took for years to build up, and it could take a few months for all of the debris to wash off. 

This slate roof cleaning was one of the most challenging we have ever done, but one thing is for sure. If we can safely clean over 40 years of organic growth and buildup from a slate roof. Then we can certainly make your home or business look better with our zero pressure roof cleaning process. Have a look at how thick, old, and crusty this layer of growth is. One of the worst looking roofs I've ever seen, but what a fun one to restore. Something this old and historic doesn't come along every day. 

As certified roof cleaners through the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, we follow all of the RCIA guidelines for safe, effective results. Do you need some slate roof cleaning around Jacksonville, Florida? Call Ultrasoft today 904-304-0810 or visit our roof cleaning Jacksonville, Florida page on our website.



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I was lucky with this slate roof cleaning thanks to a great repeat client in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida. When he moved, he took us with him. Of course, when we saw this roof, we knew we needed a crack at cleaning it for him. I'm glad he gave us that chance. It's been a few weeks, I can't wait to get back by and see how it's cleaning up after some rains.

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