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Metal Roof Cleaning Results Jacksonville, Florida

Cleaning metal roofs can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. Walking on a metal roof when wet is a slippery ordeal. One must carefully plan every step of a metal roof cleaning, and in some cases, use of a harness, lift, or even just ladders may be necessary to make the process a safe one.

Below are a couple examples of our Jacksonville, Florida metal roof cleaning results. Note the two story metal roof we cleaned. Access with ladders was limited to just one place, because of landscaping, architectural features (sloping roof angles) and other constraints. This roof required someone to actually climb it in order to clean the debris off and properly treat it. For safety, a fall harness was attached to the chimney, which allowed free movement on the roof, with a safety line to prevent serious injury or death. 

You can also see the tarps covering all of the plants below the roof line. Our certified roof cleaners take all the necessary steps to protect your landscaping and vegetation during the roof cleaning process. Our Jacksonville Florida clients get the best of the best both in the way of a great company to work with, and amazing results.

These were not just safe roof cleanings, they gave our customers amazing instant results. For competent, safe, and certified roof cleaning experts in Jacksonville, Florida call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing today. 904-304-0810 




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That was what we call a standing seam metal roof, and it isn't easy to clean both sides of that seam, on a very dangerous, and slippery surface.

Your results speak for themselves, as a picture is worth a thousand words. What part of Jacksonville, Florida was this standing seam white metal roof you cleaned in ?


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It certainly was a challenge to get them both right!

The single story metal roof cleaning was actually in the Orange Park area. The two story roof depicted here was in the Atlantic Beach area. 

​Oh, the Orange Park area of Jacksonville :) I have been there before. We are seeing more and more metal roofs down here in our part of Florida. I like them, especially when it rains. The white metal roofs reflect the sunlight, and offer some energy savings, as well as very long life!

I am not familiar with Atlantic Beach, is that in Jacksonville too ? 

I also like the way you have trademarked your metal roof cleaning pictures.  Sometimes, dirty competitors will steal them, and try and take credit for the work you did :( 

Edited by Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777

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That's not a standing seam roof picture, these panels in the photos are commonly called 9" R-Panels.  The great thing about R-Panels is that you can screw down fall protection anchors pretty much anywhere and they are very inexpensive($15-$20).  Most metal panels are painted with a Kynar finish, very similar to Teflon.  It is designed to have zero friction when wet to allow for self cleaning during rain.  Don't ever get caught on a metal roof in the rain or having to walk back over your soapy mix, it won't end well.

A standing seam roof cost about 30% more and is easy to identify because you won't see thousands of screw heads everywhere.  They are held in place by clips under the panels and you are prohibited from screwing into them or you will void the waterproof warranties.  Fall protection on a true standing seam roof is more expensive because you can't just screw thru the panels.  You would use a seam clamp anchor like this one, I developed this anchor for my full time job.  They run just under $200.

Looks like you did a great job on the roof and the driveway.  Did you softwash the drive or PW?


Edited by Howie Scarboro

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Nice anchor, I like that. I may buy one for myself! For this two story roof, I just tied off to the chimney, which was easy. Not every roof has something like that to tie off too though. I don't like the other idea of sticking a piece of aluminum into a vent pipe. There were fasteners on both roofs, so not standing seam. I am familiar with both kinds. 

Believe it or not, the driveway is just from the runoff in that area. We did treat and then surface clean it after the photos were taken, so it's even brighter than what you see there! I really love making a huge difference like this. The customer said the roof was so bright with the sun in the afternoon that they didn't recognize their own home. 

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