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Pressure Cleaning Englewood FL

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777



Chuck Bergman And Son Pressure Cleaning

10493 Greenway Ave

Englewood, Florida



I started out as just a pressure cleaning service here in Englewood Florida in 1989, and although we don't use any pressure to clean tile or shingle roofing, we do professionally pressure clean houses, pool areas, decking and concrete surfaces here in Englewood daily.


For concrete, we have a special machine called a

"Flat Surface Cleaner" or Cement Surface Cleaner"

You will see me using this pressure cleaning machine on driveways and sidewalks here in Englewood Florida on my home page slideshow, and on my Flickr photos link, below.


Pressure Cleaning Of House Exteriors

With proper maintenance, your home can grow in value while being a source of pride for you and your family. Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning services Englewood Florida, and provides cleaning services to homeowners who wish to restore and protect their greatest investment -- their home.

Keeping the exterior of your Englewood FL home clean can do more than just make your house more appealing. It can also increase its value and extend the life of the products used to cover the outside of your home, which can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Our Cleaning services are very affordable, especially when you consider the benefits of pressure cleaning your home in terms of future savings for home maintenance.

You can certainly attempt to power wash your home yourself, but If you do not have the proper equipment, know which pressure cleaning products are right for the job, or know how to safely operate a power washer without causing damage to your home, it may be in your best interest to hire a licensed and insured Englewood Florida cleaning contractor like us instead.

Pressure Cleaning Vinyl or Aluminum Siding

Vinyl siding cleans up with very little pressure needed. However, certain steps should be taken to ensure the work lasts for extended periods of time. One of the misconceptions about pressure cleaning houses in Englewood covered with vinyl siding, is that a simple garden hose is all that's required. This is not true, and if your main reason for cleaning the house is to remove mildew, then you will soon find out that simply Pressure Cleaning The House was only a temporary fix, as the mildew will usually return within under a year, especially in our warm, damp climate, here in Englewood Florida.

To keep the vinyl siding looking new for longer periods of time, a wax mix can be added to the pressure cleaning process, which will help the vinyl resist the growth of Florida mildew, as well as reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to the siding. Adding the wax as a 3rd step in the pressure cleaning process will save you money in the long run.

It will also protect the vinyl siding from the outdoor Florida elements we have here in Englewood. No different than applying wax to your car to protect the finish. You wouldn't want to skip that step for too long or the finish will start to look discolored and everything that touches it sticks, that is the same thing that happens to your home.

Not just any wax mixture is beneficial. With our 23 years experience here in Englewood Florida in the pressure cleaning business, we have obtained the best formula, for each individual home's exterior!

If you think you will want wax applied, ask us for a price when you call, so we can bring the wax & applicator jet.

Most wax applications cost about $40.00 extra.

Pressure Cleaning for Concrete Driveways, Walkways and Sidewalks

Cleaning concrete is one of the tasks that can change your "Curb Appeal" quite literally! Concrete is very porous which allows dirt and other debris to bed deep into the concrete, resulting in a situation where high powered commercial pressure washing machines, as well as professional concrete cleaning machines, are the only sure means of removal.

Pool Decks & Pressure Cleaning Screened Enclosures

Pool areas can definitely be safely and effectively cleaned. Not only can the nasty cobwebs and bug debris be cleaned from the nylon mesh, but also the green & black mildew / fungus and algae can be removed from the metal framework as well.

Our father and son "ONLY" business, licensed and insured to clean in Englewood Florida, accomplish this cleaning task with low to medium pressure by using special "long reach" wands, when needed, along with pressure adjusting valves and tips. Carefully "water sweeping" the mesh clean of debris after using a mild chemical solution to dissolve the organic mold and algae staining right off the metal frame's surface. It's as safe and easy as that!

So, if you are looking for Professional Pressure Cleaning In Englewood Florida call us at 941-474-8883

Chuck Bergman

10493 Greenway Ave

Englewood, Florida


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Thank you Chris for making this Pressure Cleaning blog for me! I appreciate it, as well as you and the RCIA.

Here are 2 short videos and you can watch to see how it's done, using the Roofing Manufacturers specified Cleaning Method.



I am proud to be a "CERTIFIED" Roof Cleaner and Instructor at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America.

Here are 12 Google Reviews on my workmanship.

Most Englewood Florida homeowners are not aware, that the roofing manufacturers specify exact cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals, that may be used on their products, without voiding their warranties.They all say "DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN"

Seeing as how the roofing manufacturers not only make the product, but also stand behind it with a warranty, common sense dictates we listen to them, and never use Pressure Cleaning!

"We" being the homeowner, myself, and others, who are in the business of cleaning roofs as contractors.

Here in Florida, for instance, the black stains that appear on a shingle or tile roof are the living organism ( Gloeocapsa Magma  ) an algae that will gradually reduce the lifespan of the roofing, besides making it an eyesore.

To read quotes from a number of roofing manufacturers and have the ability to actually click on the roofing manufacturers links and read those same words on their websites and technical bulletins, please visit my website and click on "Manufacturer Specifics"
Or use this link - http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/Manufacturer_Specifics.html

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