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Looking For A Grand Rapids Non-Pressure Cleaning Contractor Today?

Kleen Roofs


Our Grand Rapids clients choose us over the others because we do business using the latest technology in non-pressure cleaning and our customer service cannot be beat.

Grand Rapids Roof Cleaning

Your Grand Rapids home may be the biggest investment you have, and maintaining it is an important part of protecting and preserving its value. One of the most important, but often overlooked facets of home maintenance is roof cleaning. The roof is one of the most expensive element of your homes exterior. Keeping the roof free of black streaks, moss and lichen will ensure that the shingles last as long as they were intended too. If you notice black streaks on your shingles then your roof could use a non-pressure cleaning. Those black streaks are a form of algae that will continue to grow and spread over the roof. The algae growth will allow moisture to be trapped on the shingle longer, providing a perfect environment for Lichen and moss to grow. Lichen is much more damaging to shingles than the black streaks, as they will remove the granules, and start feeding on the filler in the shingles. Moss will grow under the tabs of the shingles causing them to lift which can lead to water penetration or cracked shingles.

Our non-pressure, soft wash roof cleaning process is safe for your shingles, and is the recommended way to clean a roof according to the American Roofing Manufacturers Association. KLEEN ROOFS has a 2 year warranty on roof cleaning. We know that our process is the best, and believe that true customer service means not using gimmicks such as offering a so called "limited" warranty that some companies do is the best way to treat our customers. These limited warranties are nothing more than a way to get you to call them back in 3-5 years, and end up paying them the same price as you originally did. We do offer a maintenance plan where we will treat your roof 3 years after, and then every other year after that for a fraction of the original cost. This will protect your roof from the return of the algae.

So, while you are doing the spring cleaning around the home take a moment and look at your roof, does it have black streaks, or maybe moss and lichen have already begun to grow. Whatever the case may be KLEEN ROOFS has the expertise to safely and quickly clean your roof.

Give KLEEN ROOFS a call at 616.914.9064 to set up a FREE quote for your roof cleaning. We can also be found on Facebook


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