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Palm Harbor FL Roof Cleaning

Out washing roofs again today. This was a repeat customer that we have been doing for many years. This was a 2 story 3500 sq ft home that we serviced today with our softwash No pressure roof treatment.

This home was in the landsbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor FL. Very large neighborhood and located in the heart of Pinellas county. They have a very nice Golf Course in this community, and it is a great place to live if u are very active.

We treated the roof with our chemical wash and removed all the mold & mildew from the surface. This not only brought out the natural color of the roof, but also extends the life of the roof as well.

Anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area in need of roof cleaning please call for your free estimate @ 727-919-1591

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Nice work Nick, as always. It seems like you clean a lot of roofs up in the Landsbrook section of Palm Harbor.

We have been very busy too, down here.

And, like yourself, many of the work orders I wrote up today, are from repeat customers we cleaned shingle and tile roofs for years ago.


These last few years here in the Tampa Bay Florida area have had average and above average rainfall, and we all know what that does to the roofs!  I think you guys up there in Palm Harbor get even more rain then we do down here, because you are closer to the Gulf. 


So, not only are the shingle and tile roofs getting dirty faster because of all this rain, the well watered Algae that is growing on them is thick, and takes more time and chemical to remove it.

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