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Cedar Roof Cleaner Rocky Mount, NC | 252-314-8284

blog-0045121001422506035.jpgThe Five Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Cedar Roof Cleaner: Click Here

My name is Josh Brown and I am the Cedar Shake Roof Cleaner for Rocky Mount North Carolina. I have been trained in the soft wash process of Cedar Roof Cleaning. Cedar needs to be cleaned every 5 to 10 years in order to maintain it's life span. Two things you should never do to a cedar roof is seal it or pressure wash it. If ever you hear someone mention any of those words, run the other way. If you have any questions concerning cedar roof maintenance we are here to help. And even if you do not live within our service area be sure to call us before letting just any cedar roof cleaner on top of your roof. We have recommendations of those trained in the soft wash process of cedar roofs all over the country.

This picture and video was taken out of Rocky Mount North Carolina. This is the second roof we have cleaned in this neighborhood. The homeowner raved about how it looked new and her neighbors thought she had a new roof put on. Though it was heavily infested with lichen and moss and appeared to need replacing, it actually only needed a cleaning. Cedar roofs naturally preserve on their own but with infestations such as these, the cedar will begin to deteriorate causing a very expensive premature roof replacement. However if the problem is caught in time and the shakes still have their integrity, they can be cleaned and maintained for many more years to come. Typically this can be done for less than 5% of the replacement cost.

Before replacing your roof give me a call and I'll give your roof an inspection to see if it is a candidate for a cleaning. We will never clean a roof that is beyond saving. This would be no benefit to our company, and certainly not to any homeowner. We are here for you if you have any questions and the homeowner of this roof will be happy to provide for you a reference if needed.

Josh Brown

Clean Pro Exteriors, President.


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