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Tampa Florida Tile Roof Cleaned 1-15-2015

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777



Here is a cement barrel tile roof cleaning we did 1-15-2015, in the Westchase area of Tampa Florida.

This roof has what are called cement barrel tiles, that if are not cleaned properly, will have a dull, almost ugly appearance.

Glazed barrel roof tiles have a built in gloss to them, and are easy to get looking their best. Cement barrel tile roofs on the other hand, need what they need to get looking like this, and unlike some Tampa Florida Tile Roof Cleaning Companies who offer low prices, and little more, we do quality work.

Just like when you get a low price on a car, the dealer probably took out some of the options like power windows, and power door locks. The Tile Roof Cleaning Chemicals are quite expensive, and can easily cut into the profit margin of some low priced roof cleaning outfits. Instead of giving your roof several coats of chemicals, needed to insure it will look it's very best, they can't afford to give your roof the additional coats of the cleaning chemicals, because the low price they gave you will not allow it!

So, you will get exactly what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less.

If you are looking to save that last 50.00 on your Tile Roof Cleaning In Tampa, keep shopping, we are not for you.

But, if you want a job you can be proud of, that will last longer then any other tile roof cleaning you can get anywhere, call us at 813-655 8777


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