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Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville FL 904-304-0810


Barrel tile roofs require regular cleaning just like any other kind of roofing material. Just like asphalt shingle roof cleaning, the color is usually completely restored during the cleaning process. This roof is a great example.

This particular barrel tile roof is actually in Ponte Vedra, Florida, outside of Jacksonville in the beautiful Marsh Landing community. The homeowners were required by their homeowner association to have the roof cleaned. This is typical of many HOA's all across the country. Keeping your roof clean keeps the neighborhood looking nice, but also helps reduce the spread of the type of algae that causes your roof to discolor over time.

Just like asphalt shingles, barrel tiles should not be cleaned using pressure alone. Many colored concrete tiles can be stripped over their color by using pressure washing methods. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing takes the pressure out of everything with our Ultrasoft methods.

Our barrel tile roof cleaning process consists of a zero pressure application of a proprietary roof cleaning solution to safely and effectively restore your roof's natural color. Each roof is different, so the solution is tailored to each home that we clean, but the results are the same. The original color and vibrancy of your roof is restored before we leave. Even better, after a couple of hard rains, any residual matter left on the roof is rinsed off, and your roof will actually improve in appearance even more.

Have a look at this massive 6,500 sq. ft. barrel tile roof we recently cleaned with our zero pressure roof cleaning process. Even while wet, you can see the color is restored, and this roof looks amazing.

If you need barrel tile roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida or even Ponte Vedra, Florida call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. (904) 304-0810 or fill out our contact form at our roof cleaning and pressure washing website.



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Ponte Vedra Beach Florida is the town Tim Tebow went to High School at!

I was unaware it was close to Jacksonville, where you did that Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning at.

That came out really nice, BTW.


Many customers are unaware that barrel tile roofs should not be cleaned using pressure alone. Many colored concrete tiles can be stripped of their color, by using pressure washing methods on them.


And, once this pressure washing damage is done to a barrel or cement tile roof, it will never look good again.

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Yup, if they have their roof "pressure washed" because it's cheaper, that cheap price is going to cost them big. That's why Ultrasoft Pressure Washing takes the pressure out of cleaning!


This is in the very nice community of Marsh Landing in Ponte Vedra. It's actually pretty close to Jacksonville. Ponte Vedra is just south of Jacksonville Beach, so it's not far at all. Takes me as long to go out to the west side of town as it does to go there.


The north end of Marsh Landing has Jacksonville addresses. I've already done a few roofs in here, and one or two are at the north end with a Jax address. 

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I have seen many tile roofs flat ruined by pressure washing them! Besides broken tiles, I have seen the glaze stripped off the roof, and Zebra Striping that will never go away :( 

Customers always ask me why people still pressure wash tile roofs, and I tell them the truth, because tile roof cleaners make much more MONEY using pressure washing, vs gentle chemical cleaning, since they don't have to buy the expensive chemicals, and can work alone.


Marsh Landing looks like a very nice part of the Ponte Vedra - Jacksonville Florida area! 

Is it on that big river up there ?

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It sits along the intracoastal waterway and has many small fingers of water that snake their way through there. It's exactly what it says, a marsh. The big river up here is the St. John's river. The intracoastal apparently runs about 3000 miles in total along the coastline. Some of it natural, some of it man made canals, etc. and it sits a bit close to the coast than the St. John's river. Roof cleaning in Marsh Landing is always fun.

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I have noticed that Barrel Tile Roofs that are right on any type of fresh or brackish water, seem to get dirty faster.

It seems like the ambient humidity near a body of fresh water is higher, and the roof tiles can get really really black, really fast.

Fortunately for your tile roof cleaning customers, you can safely clean, w/o using any pressure, and all the bad things that go with the use of pressure washing.

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