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Lichen infested roof

Kleen Roofs


with the warm weather we had Saturday, Kleen was able to get out and clean a roof infested with Lichen. The home owner informed me that he had the roof pressure washed 2 years ago. With our non-pressure, soft wash cleaning method the lichen WILL NOT return to the roof like it did on this one. Having your roof cleaned by a company that uses a pressure washer is not a good use of your money. It might look clean when they are done, but what will it look like in 1 year ? 2 years ? From the infestation on this roof it is apparent that the cleaning method used only took off the lichen, did not kill it. Their was also evidence of granules missing from the shingles that the pressure washer blasted off. If you have a dirty roof, and want it cleaned the correct way, by a company that knows how to do it, and do it safely, look for a company that is certified by the RCIA.( Roof Cleaning Institute of America )

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