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Roof Softwashing Tampa Florida

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777


blog-0211462001409894159.jpgWe Are Tampa's Softwash Roof Cleaning Experts

Call 813-655-8777

Having your roof softwash cleaned can have dramatic visual results! Aside from aesthetics, roof cleaning in Tampa is necessary to assure that you get the proper life from your roof, keep your A/C expenses lower, and for health reasons.


The culprit causing your roof to discolor and look so bad is algae, and it WILL shorten the life of your roof, it WILL make your roof darker and thus hotter from the sun's rays. This will make your home hotter, as well as speed the deterioration of your shingles.

We use only ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) approved softwashing roof cleaning solutions, as well as specialized roof cleaning equipment designed to clean your roof while keeping it safe from damage. Click here to read ARMA's suggestions and cautions against using pressure washing equipment on your roof.


We do not use any type of pressure washer on your roof. We do not use damaging roof cleaning products that require pressurized water to complete the softwashing, such as sodium hydroxide or acids.

We take every precaution necessary when softwashing any roof in Tampa to protect your plants and the exterior of your home. Unlike most of our "competitors", we employ the use of a ground person to keep the house and foliage well rinsed during and after the roof is softwashed with algaecide. This will assure that your plants will not die, your house will not be damaged, and no one will be injured during the cleaning process. Do you really want some inexperienced part time pressure washing contractor falling off your roof while you're at work and then blaming you for his lack of experience and safety?

We have seen it many times, an inexperienced part time pressure washer on a customer's roof blasting away at full pressure, using little or no softwashing chemicals or algaecides, and causing damage to a roof that likely won't be noticed for years. Don't be a victim of inexperience. With Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa (813-655-8777), you can "Experience the Difference, Because the Difference is Experience!"

Ask about our annual maintenance program! Our softwash cleaning system will keep your roof algae free for quite some time, but nothing will stop the algae from eventually beginning to grow again in your roof's surface, long before it becomes visible to the eye. By that time, the algae is well rooted into the surface of your shingle, and has already been degrading the integrity of your shingles for months or years. After your initial softwash cleaning, we can apply, at a significant discount, an annual re-treatment to kill the algae that has already begun to grow back. This will assure that your roof will last as long as possible.

Call us for a free softwash roof cleaning estimate for the Tampa Florida area at 813-655-8777


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