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Tile Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

Doug Rucker




CALL OR TEXT 2818838470

Here is a beautiful Tile Roof Cleaning job we did located in Kingwood Texas just north of the Houston Texas area. Kingwood Texas is known as the livable forest, and all the beautiful trees enable the black mold and mildew stains to thrive and grow on tile roofs.

When cleaning tile roofs we never use a pressure washer, we use our Soft Wash cleaning method and process that requires less pressure than you use from your garden hose. Tile roofs should never be clean using a pressure washer as the pressure can cause the tiles to develop cracks, causing broken tiles. Pressure Washing a roof, even a low pressure, can cause damage.

It is very important that all the Mold and Mildew is killed when cleaning a tile roof. When a pressure washer is used, this does not happen, and the black stains return within months.

Call or text us today at 2818838470 for a free quote for your roof cleaning.


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