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Cleaning A Flat Tile Roof North Of Tampa

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777


blog-0840413001408124181.jpgHere is a 6000 plus square foot flat tile roof we just cleaned yesterday 8-14-2014 up in Land O Lakes, just north of Tampa Florida.


This was a fairly easy flat tile roof to clean, because it had gutters all around it. These gutters emptied into downspouts that went well underground.

This building is the clubhouse for a large, Tampa area subdivision. It has a large, Olympic size swimming pool behind it.

We do all the roof cleaning for a Tampa Roofing Contractor, who sent us this job. He wanted this flat tile roof cleaned, before he started some repairs on it.

There were quite a lot of previously broken tiles on this roof, that are going to be replaced by the roofing contractor.

A year and a half ago, this flat tile roof was pressure washed, using a surface cleaner, that cracked a lot of the roof tiles.

The more tiles we cleaned, the more tiles we realized were broken previously by the Pressure Washing Company.


Recommended Comments

Thanks for the kind words! The Property Manager of this large flat tile roof was an experienced buyer, and was born and raised right here in the Tampa Florida area. 

Of course, he knew better then to allow some Pressure Washer to get near this roof.


He also was not looking for  the very lowest cost tile roof cleaning he could find either. He wanted this job done right. 


We were amazed by how many roof tiles had been compromised by the previous roof cleaners. 

This community fired the previous property management company, and hired the guy who hired us, after the Tampa Roofing Contractor gave us his highest recommendation. 


You can't see the swimming pool behind this clubhouse. But after were all done, a couple residents of this community who were using the pool, asked us for some business cards.


One of the residents said he was new to the Tampa area, and was unaware a tile roof could get this clean, w/o using any pressure to wash it.

He did say the chemical stinks, and it does. Especially since we had to use nearly 600 gallons to get this roof cleaned to our high standards.


In fact, the after the cleaning picture was taken right after we got done. This resident called us to come clean his barrel tile roof, and told us we should see how good the job we did looks now, after a few good Tampa Thunderstorms.


He remarked that the smell went away, right after the first afternoon rain, like we told him it would.

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