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Roof cleaning by State Restoration Company in Kettering, Ohio.



This homeowner told us that he had called another company that does roof cleaning with a pressure washer and they asked him on the phone if his roof was steep. The homeowner told him that he lives in a cape cod house and that it was steep. The company then informed him that they could not clean his roof.

I informed the homeowner that we clean roofs as recommended by the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) which is a non pressure system and in most cases we could clean the roof from the ladder, and as you can tell it turned out great! In addition to the algae and black streaks on his roof, this customer also had algae on his siding. We successfully cleaned all the green and black algae from the roof and siding and it looks like a different house. The difference in the curb appeal after getting the roof cleaned is amazing.

If you have algae that is causing black streaks on your roof and/or algae on your siding that has resulted in making your house look dirty – let us clean it for you. You can change the curb appeal of your home almost instantly. The fresh clean look is almost like you bought a new house.

Additional services besides safe roof cleaning included siding cleaning and deck pressure washing.





Call us today and let us give your roof and house the curb appeal you will be proud of! 937-847-8366

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