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Roof Cleaning Contractor Dayton, Ohio




Some may think that being a roof contractor and a roof cleaning company doesn’t fit together. A roof contractor is one you rely on to provide a good quality roof replacement that will last for as much as thirty years or more, depending on the shingle selected. A roof cleaning company is interested in cleaning your roof and not replacing it.

Actually these two should be exactly what is needed for the homeowner to get an honest and fair inspection and evaluation of the condition of their roof.

Most people are too busy with everyday activities and jobs to know and understand what’s going on with their roof. As long as it’s not leaking there must not be a problem – right? Not necessarily. Roofs are like cars; they get old and at some point in time must be replaced. Roofs also must endure the harsh weather elements, which include things like extreme heat and frigid cold, not to mention the strong severe storms that bring hail and dangerous winds to the mid-west that wreak havoc on roofs which can damage them beyond repair and shorten the life of the roof.

But what about roofs that are not that old and have not been damaged by hail or wind, and they still don’t look good? They look dirty and detract from your home’s appearance.

This is where you need a company you can trust to inform you of the difference between a worn out or storm damaged roof and a roof that can be cleaned and restored to the way it used to look before algae caused those dirty unattractive streaks.

State Restoration Company and SRC Roof Cleaning Division can help you make the correct decision when it comes to roof replacement or roof cleaning. Some homeowners are replacing roofs that do not need to be replaced due to the dirty black streaks that have appeared on the roof. Unfortunately they may not have needed to do that if the roof was just dirty. We are in the roof maintenance business, which means that whether you need a new roof or you need to clean that dirty roof we can provide you with a free inspection to determine the condition and the proper solution for your roof.

Call today for your free inspection and quote.


SRC Roof Cleaning


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