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Remove black streaks Dayton, Ohio



Sometimes the correct answer to a home project is to hire a professional that has the proper training, expertise and possibly most importantly, the correct equipment to get the job done in a timely fashion and without injury to yourself.

That ugly looking roof is not only an eye sore, but the algae that is causing your roof to look dirty and in need of replacement could actually be costing you money. Reports have stated that algae can feed off the limestone in your shingles. When this happens it can cause your shingles to deteriorate much faster than normal which will result in a costly repair or even more costly replacement.

If you choose to tackle this yourself without the proper equipment you likely will have to get on your roof. If you have a fear of heights this will be your first reason to not try this roof cleaning project yourself.

Do not use a high-pressure washer to clean your roof as it could cause extreme damage to your shingles and do far more harm than good. This method is not recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) or GAF shingle manufacturer.

Even a do it yourselfer website has implied that hiring a professional may be the best way to complete this project on their website in an article entitled “Cleaning Shingles: Removing Dark Streaks†– they state that “It may be possible to hire a professional to do this jobâ€

With these precautions in mind, here are some tips on cleaning your roof yourself.

  1. You should wear protective gear to prevent the cleaning solution from contacting your skin, eyes or mouth. Rinse properly if this occurs. Also note that old clothing should be worn.
  2. A very large container is needed to mix the solution. If your roof is 30-40 squares you will need approximately 40-50 gallons of solution. Most homeowners don’t have a tank that large, which means that mixing the solution in smaller containers, such as gallon or five gallons buckets, will be necessary and very time consuming. Which brings into question, how will you transport those containers to the roof for application? Note: The do it yourself website is recommending pool shock as the cleaning solution (which is not our preferred solution).
  3. The solution must be poured or sprayed onto the shingles. If a utility type sprayer (such as a garden sprayer) is used or if you choose to climb on the roof and pour the solution out of the bucket, either way you will have to get on the roof. Extra precaution is needed for steep pitch roofs. Caution: roofs are extremely slippery when wet. Using this method will require many hours to complete this project. Depending on the size and pitch of your roof this could be a backbreaking task and once you have started you will discover that it’s harder than you thought. Fatigue will come into play, which may stretch this project into days.
  4. While cleaning your roof yourself, extreme caution is advised while going up and down your ladder as it may have become wet with solution. Ladder rungs are very slippery when wet.
  5. If you choose to use pool shock remember that rinsing the roof once you have finished is a good idea. Calcium Hypochlorite (pool shock) will leave a residue.
  6. Spray plants and foliage with plenty of water before and after the treatment. Liberally spraying the plants with fresh water will help to protect them from any run off or spray and in most cases this will protect your plants and no harm will occur.
  7. After your do it yourself roof cleaning project is finished you will need to clean all tools that you have used. Without thorough cleaning of your equipment you may notice corrosion within a short period of time.

If you choose to tackle this do it yourself roof cleaning project please use extreme caution. Carrying heavy buckets or large containers of solution up a ladder can be dangerous for anyone, but especially when you only climb on the roof once every couple of years.

It is possible to save money by not going to a dentist and pull your own tooth, however most people choose to go to the dentist because he has the know how and the equipment – and maybe more important he has the Novocain.

Let SRC Roof Cleaning Division provide you with the know how and equipment to clean those ugly black streaks off your roof – no Novocain required. We can improve your curb appeal and increase your property value by professionally cleaning your dirty roof. It will cost a little more than doing it yourself, but just like getting your tooth pulled by a dentist – it will be a lot less painful.

Contact SRC Roof Cleaning Division today



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