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Tampa Palms Tile Roof Cleaned 6-05-2014

Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777


We cleaned this flat tile roof today 6-5-2014, and we are very happy with the results of this job in Tampa Palms. Few roofs look better, when they are clean, then a white tile roof, and few look worse, when they are dirty!

This roof cleaning job came to us from a well known Tampa Painting Company. This customer wanted to get his roof cleaned first, before he has his home painted. These folks were very very nice people, and are from one of Tampa's original founding families!

Despite our "protests" they insisted we eat the deviled crabs they make from scratch, and also served us some awesome home made Lemonaid that was good and cold. It was 95 degrees outside in Tampa today, and probably 110 degrees, up on this roof we cleaned!blogentry-1-0-41630700-1402012618_thumb.blogentry-1-0-64797000-1402012619_thumb.

The after picture was taken as soon as this job was completed, and after we ate the awesome deviled crabs these nice folks made for us. Like any tile roof we clean, they always look their very best after 2 to 3 good hard rains, like we get here in Tampa in the summer.

Our customers were instructed by us to wait for a few good hard rains, before they have the home painted.

This will insure that none of the residual tile roof cleaning chemicals we used will splash off the roof, and possibly spot their new paint job.

They are also planning to completely re landscape this home, and told us "not to worry" about the plants. Still, we protected their plants, because it is a matter of habit for us to try our best to protect our customers plants from the tile roof cleaning chemicals.

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