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Roof Washing Gulf Harbors, New Port Richey, FL

Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591


Another Beautiful day for Roof Washing in Gulf Harbors FL. We got a call from one of the painters that we network with about cleaning this roof. The homeowner was concerned about someone up on his 3 story home, and safety was his issue.

The painter assured him that we had the proper equipment to do the job safely and there would be No issues. I am very familiar with this area, we do a lot of homes in here throughout the year. Most of the homes on the Gulf side are huge mansions with waterfront property.

This community was all man made, it was all dredged out back in the early 70's I believe, It is a deed restricted waterfront community that caters to boating & fishing enthusiasts.

This particular home was close to 6000 sq ft, We were cleaning the roof in preparation of the painters who are coming next week.

I do a lot of boating myself, and my sister and her husband own a home in this community, and it is truly an Awesome spot if you are into anything related to the Gulf Of Mexico !!

Well as you can see from the pictures below, we brought the tile roof back to it's original beauty, and once painted this home will look like New again.


If anyone in the Gulf Harbors , New Port Richey, FL area is in need of roof washing, please call us for a Free estimate @ 727-919-1591


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