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Roof Cleaning in Pelham New Hampshire 03076/ (603)-401-8408

blog-0891187001391036234.jpgBrian C. Jackson is a roof cleaning specialist and we use a safe non-pressure roof cleaning method. There is no need to use a pressure washer to clean a roof and that is not the recommended way to clean a roof according to the ARMA(Ashphalt Roofing Manufactures Association). I have attached a before and after picture of the roof we cleaned in Pelham ,New Hampshire 03076. This customer called us because of the black staining they had on ther roof and from year to year it has gotten worse and they wanted it cleaned. After discusing the reason why this black stain ( gloeocapsa magma ) was on there roof and informed them this algae was feeding on there roof and would shorten the life span of the roofing shingles, they agreed to have there roof cleaned. I assured them we would be able to clean there roof and not cause any additional damage and I also made the estimating process very easy for them. I also get the estimate emailed right out to them and it is a no pressure estimate with no used car salesmanship. Brian C. Jackson is a non-pressure roof cleaning specialist but we offer other services to clean the exterior of your home.

Services we offer:

* Softwash House Washing

* Pressure washing/ Powerwashing

* Rust removal

* Window Cleaning

* Solar Panel Cleaning

For free estimate for roof cleaning or any of the other exterior cleaning services we provide please contact Brian C. Jackson @ 603-401-8408.

Or view or web site here www.jacksoncontracting.net.

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It's good to see a professional non-pressure roof cleaner, like Brian C. Jackson, educating the homeowners of New Hampshire. Brian's years of training, hard work and experience will assist not only Pelham, NH residents but all of the residents in his service areas.



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