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NJ Roof Cleaning | Moss Removal | Power Washing

NJ Roof Cleaning | Moss Removal | Power Washing

Get a Free Quote Today in New Jersey By Calling (732) 726-9261

Got Ugly Roof Stains?

Thanks for finding our roof cleaning/power washing page. Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC has been serving New Jersey homes and business since 1996 for all exterior cleaning needs such as:

All work is pay-on-approval. We will not ask for a single penny until you approve. Your roof is most likely the most expensive part of your home. Rest assured that a certified professional roof cleaner will safely remove roof stains without compromising the integrity of your roof. Black roof stains are a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. The food source for this type of bacteria is the limestone in the roofing shingle. It spreads through airborne spores. The same goes for algae, moss, and lichens. All of these organisms deteriorate the roofing shingle and shorten the life of the roof.

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