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Roof Cleaning Whippany NJ (732) 726-9261 | Power Washing 07981, 07999

NJ Roof Cleaners


Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC

Whippany NJ Roof and Exterior Soft Washing

(877) 420-WASH or (732) 726-9261

Whippany Roof Cleaning Services

We do not use a pressure washer to clean roofs! Everything staining your roof is alive and contagious. Moss, mold, lichen and algae are removed by applying a detergent that sterilizes the growth. There is a small amount of bleach in the detergent which is used to kill the moss and mold. This process created a near 100% kill ratio on the organism creating the roof stains. The result is a clean and truly sterile roof. Our detergents are applied at pressures less than 60psi.

Soft washing has replaced the dated high pressure method of the past. We do not rely on blasting high pressure to create clean. Each stain is removed by applying our proprietary detergent. This process is safe for all surfaces including vinyl, stucco, cedar and even painted surfaces. Get a free quote for roof cleaning in Whippany NJ today. Check out our sister site for Roof and Exterior Cleaning Hanover Township.

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No truer words could be said. You can always rely on Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing for the truth when it comes to not only roof cleaning but all your exterior cleaning questions.


Their reviews, experience and vast knowledge separate them from the other so called professionals.



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